2 Treats!

What a lucky duck I am 🙂 Yesterday, in the mail I received a package from my SKP2 – stickers!!!! Yay! A pretty fall notepad (it’s up on the fridge) AND a really cool book ~ Stranded Color Knitting by Nanette Blanchard. I have been very cautious about doing this sort of thing (meaning I’ve yet to give it a go) and I think this book will be the sort of thing to help me get to it!! Thank you soo very much!

And, today when I returned to the apartment with the fiance there was a RAOK for me 🙂 Thank you so very much for the magazines, Eileen!! I’m going to have fun poking through those today as a break from lesson planning!

Not a bad weekend. I also went to the new Michael’s (right on my way home from work!) and bought some wool-ease to try and make my dad a DNA scarf. The Irish-Hiking-Scarf Knitalong has given me some cable confidence.

I also wanted to post that I made it out to the the yarn barn in woodbridge. It’s ~ 15 minutes away from work too. I bought some pink cascade fixation to make a pair of the breast cancer socks, and some brown sheep lambs pride in black and lime green for new fuzzy feet. Woo!

If only I could type up / write my lesson plans as I knit.

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