Somebody’s Getting Married (No Knitting)

Thanksgiving, the wedding / part on friday. MY wedding – still seems surreal!

I’ve been driving my fiance crazy this week singing

“He’ll make me happy

Each time I see him

He’ll be the reason

My heart can sing

He’ll stand beside me

And now I’m everything.”

Miss Piggy’s lines from the wedding at the end of my favorite movie – Muppets Take Manhattan.

Here’s to many happy knits and purls!

Stress Therapy

So, the wedding is now less than a week away! eep! I go back and forth between wanting to scream and shout and shreik to being so overwhelmed with emotion that I’m speechless (in a good way of course).

I bought a yarn store gift certificate for my maid of honor today. And of course how could I pass up retail therapy for me? I needed needles anyway, and a round thread cutter for the plane, and I ended up buying 4 skeins of cascade quattro (I’m thinking fuzzy feet and a sophie bag) and 4 skeins of fiesta rayon boucle for the stitch diva poncho. Didn’t realize that would be such a pretty penny, but I’m worth it.

I’m thinking I’ll bring yarn for socks with me, as well as the poncho – it’s made from the rayon boucle yarn, so it’s not too bulky. At least, that’s the plan now – I have to wind it into a ball before we leave…

Thinking About

I wonder if the yarn that my secret pal 2 sent would work out ok in this pattern:

Knit Poncho, Stitch Diva Studios… I’m not a big poncho person, but that might be cute…

I wonder what to bring with me on the plane. According to the Transportation Security Admission (pdf file) knitting needles are ok in carry-on and checked luggage… Maybe I’ll get new bamboo circulars. I’ve learned how to do socks on two needles – do they even make bamboo circs that small? Socks are easy to transport… But a poncho would fill the time just right I think.

What sort of project would you bring?

I still haven’t gotten my bobbi bear pattern… That might be a “ring in the new year” bear at this point.


Okay, we’re just about at T minus 15 days till the wedding. I can’t complain too much – our families get along, I’ve gotten pretty much everything I want and for the most part this whole process has been stress free. But now, I’m starting to do internal flip flops. I have a zillion things to do, and no time to do them in. Including knitting (wah.) I’m checking airlines though because I want to bring at least a sock or two to work on during the honeymoon flights.

And thanks to a fabulous RAOK by a person who’s name escapes me at the moment, I have wonderful new sock yarn – it also came with candy (yummy) and a star shaped post it note pad!

I finished my mom’s scarf. I started on a noro hat for me. I’ve yet to finish my brother’s gloves. Dan’s pillow. The purple sweater that will not end.

And in non-knitting content I’ve got sub work to prepare, lesson plans to write, grading a month long and report cards to ready. *whine*whimper*

SKP2 – Package!
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Wow! Thank you very very much to Joanne for being such a super secret knitting pal! So generous! The last package I received (last Wednesday, but I waited to reveal) included a new knitting book: Knitting on the Road: Sock Patterns for the Traveling Knitter, Burgis Brook Alpacas Soap (which I’ve been using – so yummy, and did you notice that they are from Guilford??!!), A mug with “Carpe-Yarn-em! (Seize the Yarn!), a bookmark “Needles, Yarn, Life Is Good!”, and some scrumptious multi-colored Kid Boucle Autumn House Farm Yarn (350 yards…. what to make? scarf, socks, hat?? I need some ideas!!) Thank you thank you thank you! This was so much fun!

And today, I have off from school (professional development) – my fiance keeps telling me to Carpe- Yarn-em!! 🙂

My secret pal was Brooks – I hope you enjoyed the packages!

I wish I could be par-taking in SKP3, but life is so crazy now, that I think it’s better if I wait until SKP4 and just play with RAOKs… Happy Monday!