SKP2 – Package!
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Wow! Thank you very very much to Joanne for being such a super secret knitting pal! So generous! The last package I received (last Wednesday, but I waited to reveal) included a new knitting book: Knitting on the Road: Sock Patterns for the Traveling Knitter, Burgis Brook Alpacas Soap (which I’ve been using – so yummy, and did you notice that they are from Guilford??!!), A mug with “Carpe-Yarn-em! (Seize the Yarn!), a bookmark “Needles, Yarn, Life Is Good!”, and some scrumptious multi-colored Kid Boucle Autumn House Farm Yarn (350 yards…. what to make? scarf, socks, hat?? I need some ideas!!) Thank you thank you thank you! This was so much fun!

And today, I have off from school (professional development) – my fiance keeps telling me to Carpe- Yarn-em!! 🙂

My secret pal was Brooks – I hope you enjoyed the packages!

I wish I could be par-taking in SKP3, but life is so crazy now, that I think it’s better if I wait until SKP4 and just play with RAOKs… Happy Monday!

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