Okay, we’re just about at T minus 15 days till the wedding. I can’t complain too much – our families get along, I’ve gotten pretty much everything I want and for the most part this whole process has been stress free. But now, I’m starting to do internal flip flops. I have a zillion things to do, and no time to do them in. Including knitting (wah.) I’m checking airlines though because I want to bring at least a sock or two to work on during the honeymoon flights.

And thanks to a fabulous RAOK by a person who’s name escapes me at the moment, I have wonderful new sock yarn – it also came with candy (yummy) and a star shaped post it note pad!

I finished my mom’s scarf. I started on a noro hat for me. I’ve yet to finish my brother’s gloves. Dan’s pillow. The purple sweater that will not end.

And in non-knitting content I’ve got sub work to prepare, lesson plans to write, grading a month long and report cards to ready. *whine*whimper*

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