Year-End Wrap Up And Other Thoughts

I know the year is coming to an end – I’m even looking forward to attending it’s farewell party at my brother’s in NY city on Friday – but some people are just getting too much of a jump on the new year. My latest magazines are February issues! And at Stop-and-Shop, the valentine’s day candy is already being put out!! I feel behind because I’m only thinking about New Year’s resolutions and sales at the mall / stores!

I had a thought last night, that I mentioned to Dan, as a possible New Year’s Resolution: Not to buy any yarn this new year, to only knit from what I have, but if it was absolutely neccessary to purchase an emergency skein to do only that, if as a gift for a secret pal… I suppose that’s the ultimate yarn diet… While there’s nothing wrong with purchasing the pretty yarn, “for something special, I just don’t know what yet” I have limited resources and space. I did mention to him that if I did do that, I would have to be rewarded with quite the yarn spree 🙂 Today I’m thinking I might go through my stash and sort / assign what I’ve got with what I’d like to make…

And while I’m thinking about that, wouldn’t I love to try my hand at the designs in the Donnelly sweater – I’m nowhere near ready to try a cable aran sweater (I managed my Irish Hiking Scarf, but that’s all), but maybe as a pillow or something… I’ve got some Donnelly blood in my veins.

But that’s on top of all the other dumb errands I have to squeeze in today / tomorrow – get the stuff done now that I can’t while school is in session. And I’m trying to get the month of January done in terms of lesson plans. January already feels shot – we’ve got a dinner date with friends the next weekend, a family visit the weekend after that, take down the Christmas ornaments, restore order to the apartment, SuperBowl… Maybe some valentine’s candy would help 🙂

In my actual knitting, I finished one sock the other day and got through the leg of #2 last night, I think I can get the heel turned tonight. Pictures will come back, just have to charge the gizmo.

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