This is for my SP4

(Thanks to those of you who commented on the loss of grampa. we’re all very numb.)

To divert my attention, here’s my Q+A for SP4

Becca – a lefty, self taught knitter. Currently has the following works in progress (yarn is bought / on the needles): purple cardigan sweater, tri-colored hat, lion brand magic stripes sock, hello kitty bag, and secret project for my DH

I like to think I’m not a yarn snob, as I do use lion brand (it’s not all bad!) and red heart, but I have seen what else is out there. It’s like going candy shopping at CVS and then candy shopping at Dylan’s Candy Bar in NYcity.

My allergies are seasonal, to pollen, but *knock wood* they haven’t been bad this year.

I have a wish list on

I have a massive sweet tooth. Jelly beans / mike-and-ikes are my favorites.

I adore the blue-green-purple range of colors.

I live with my husband – we’ve been married 2 months. I teach science to students in grades 5 – 8; I actually started out planning to be an environmental chemist, but got burnt out in grad school. I worked retail for a year (at a fabulous stationery shop, i’ve been there on and off for 6 years) and went through an alternative route program to get my teaching certification (done!). I love being a teacher – it’s the hardest thing I have done yet, and I can’t see myself doing anything else!

Quickie Favorites:

Movies: The Princess Bride, Singin’in the Rain, Rebel without a Cause, Say Anthing, the Muppet Movies

Music: Barenaked Ladies, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dave Matthews Band, Alanis Morrisette, Tori Amos, Ani Difranco, 80’s music – I listen to pretty much everything except country (yes, I’m mp3 compatable)

Actors John Cusack, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, Renee Zelwieger

Misc. Hello Kitty, Paper, stickers, Becky Kelly, Kate Spade, Origins, Bath-and-Body Works, Bamboo Needles, Chad Pennington, basketball, environmentally friendly stuff, Burts Bees

I am into photography, doodling, stickering and interested in trying most DIY things.

My life dream is to always be content with what I’m doing, to see the lighter side of life, to not forget to laugh (at myself) and to always try my best. In that vein, I would like to own a home, plant a garden, raise a family of happy children, continue to make my family proud of me, and have pets!

Favorite yarns? Currently I adore lamb’s pride. I love Koigu. I recently learned how wonderful Noro is.

I don’t really like the eyelashy / overyl furry yarns.

My knitting obsession is starting projects. And the magazines.

I really enjoy socks, now that I have it down.

Ponchos are ok.

No needle preference, although I will say that now that I know how to do socks on 2 circulars, it’s hard to go back to dpns (I keep pulling out a needle that has stitches on it)

Bamboo or plastic.

My oldest UFO is the purple cardigan sweater – the yarn was bought in 2002, I began working on it in ’02-’03 and completely frogged it and started over. The button holes are messing with my head.

Animated characters I like: Hello Kitty, Sanrio, San-X, powerpuff girls, strawberry shortcake, muppets

Favorite animals are rainforest poison dart frogs.

Favorite holiday is thanksgiving.

I had a massive frog collection going, but I’m trying to limit it.

I hope this helps give you a better picture of me!

This Sucks.

What a way to end the week. DH went off on a trip to Vermont with the guys – fine, I’ll get some schoolwork done / knitting done / go shopping. My parents left on Thursday for a trip to Kilimanjaro. My uncle (my father’s baby brother) called me this evening. My grandfather (dad’s dad) died today. Massive stroke.

This is a guy in his 70’s who was apparently healthy. Goes golfing at every opportunity. Just got back from a trip to NC. Was getting ready for a trip to FL. This is so sudden and unexpected.

My parents will most likely get the message around 2:00am. Right now they are out of radio contact.

DH is driving back from VT.

I’m just sitting at the computer fixing a virus problem, half-heartedly knitting, thinking about what a wonderful guy grampa is. And how unfair this is. And how I’m so so so happy that he was at my wedding. And how I’m even more happy that we drove to my parents house on Christmas to visit with them. And how I should have called yesterday to tell him how much my students loved the rocks he gave me (the way they ooh! and aah! -ed you would think they had never seen a rock before). Never have I known a person with such a sense of humor, care for his family, pride in his sons / daughters / grandchildren, who continued to tell everyone how much he loved his wife (even after being married for 52 years) He will live on in us, as we all say his sayings: Food is scrumptious or laaaaaaaaalghtious. Q is the code word for a big bear hug. And “I’m mad now” (even though you’re really not). He calls my nana “love”.

He’s my grampa, he’s and old guy but so young at heart. He didn’t have a college education but he was one of the smartest people I know. He could fix anything. He can come up with something that will work if he did not have the exact “thing” that was needed.

These next few days and parts of this year are really going to suck.

Last year was really sucky on my family (dad with cancer, nana with cancer) the highlight was the wedding – a “high” for everyone – relief. And now, this just bites.


I’m the first to admit what a nerd-geek I am. I took the test and it confirms my nerd status. But, don’t you think it’s more than slightly biased? I show my students a picture of Newton to make the lesson more interesting. As a science major (BA double major / MS ~ both environmental analytical chemistry) aren’t I already at a disadvantage knowing the speed of light (numerical value with units) and elemental symbols of the periodic table? Hrm. Anyway, with pride

I am nerdier than 85% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Teacher Perk

It’s snowing again 🙂 I didn’t think we were going to get today off, so it’s a bonus. Am I grading the papers I didn’t grade last night? No. Am I writing up the 8th grade chemistry project? No. Am I cleaning? No. I’m sitting in front of the computer. Not too shabby.

I need to take a picture of Dan’s fuzzy feet since they’re done and perfect, but the lighting inside / today really stinks, so that’s a no go. I have another finished object! I completed the Knitty Heart Scarf but it’s curled so much you can’t see the hearts! Gotta block.

At the CTShore-SNB on Monday I did a swatch for my bear – I’m using Lion Brand WoolEase ThickNQuick. Then I realize that I don’t need size 17 straight needles, I need dpns and circs! Gah, size 17? Well, I bid on ebay for the circs, and i’ll wait on the dpns for a moment or two. I haven’t checked the guage yet, just knit it. I also started the back of my Hello Kitty bag. I’ve also got a Lion Brand Magic stripes sock started. It’s so cool to see the stripes come out, but the sock looks HUGE!

I found a pair of socks – one completed, the other was 70% done and I hate them! I love the pattern (some sort of mistake rib) but hate how the yarn looks with them. I’m thinking maybe I could just finish them and donate? Or frog them and try again… My friend lent me her Patons sock pattern book and I can’t wait to try a bunch in there.

With all the fun-fur flaming that is going round, I thought this was a really cute alternative to a scarf a fuzzy heart pillow– maybe next year.

Also, how cute is this, An “inside out heart” cup of tea??

Blizzard Beginnings

The “Winter Wallop” is coming apparently. According to the weatherbug on the computer it suggested that precautions to protect life and property be taken by noon today. Gee, it is new england. It does snow here in the winter. We have had blizzards before. I’m actually looking forward to it – I’m lucky, the apartment where I live is within walking distance of a supermarket, we don’t have to shovel the driveway and we’re on a major road. My father-in-law just brought us shovels though in case we have to dig around the cars – the parking lot gets plowed but that’s all. I should be working on my lesson plans right now. I’m already hoping that the buses will be buried on Monday and that school will be cancelled – or at least delayed 🙂

I finished Dan’s fuzzy feet today, now I have to toss them in the washer. I would have finished them last night, but I didn’t realize until thursday evening that I didn’t pay attention at the Stitch-n-Bitch gathering on Monday and completely missed the gusset decrease after the heel turn. GROAN. Stupid mistake, but luckily these are a quick knit.

Fuzzy Feet!

Wo-hoo! Last time I made a pair of these I was very scared of the whole felting process and did not let the washer attack them enough. Also, I think I had a rather wimpy washer. Now, I have a new washer, I wrapped up the feet in a pillowcase and threw in a pair of jeans. Two cycles (~14 minutes) and voila!!



I’m quite pleased with myself!

Know what I can’t find anywhere?

Starburst Hearts – I have such a craving for them!! Granted I don’t recall seeing them around last year – I hope they haven’t been discontinued!! I will keep checking, but if you spot them would you let me know?

Knitting Frog

I’m thinking that I should join up with one of the sock-alongs, seeing as how that’s going to be an upcoming project. I’m currently working on a pair of fuzzy feet for me and a pair for hubby. They really seem to FLY compared to regular sock needles / yarn 🙂

I am a big fan of this little comic – Spot the Frog – I’ve sent a few emails to Mark Heath, the creator – he’s really nice! And he has a blog too. I was reading the blog and I just love this picture:

More reason to love the frog!!

How excited am I – I’ve got some felting yarn coming in the mail resulting from my contest win!! Yay!