Teacher Perk

It’s snowing again 🙂 I didn’t think we were going to get today off, so it’s a bonus. Am I grading the papers I didn’t grade last night? No. Am I writing up the 8th grade chemistry project? No. Am I cleaning? No. I’m sitting in front of the computer. Not too shabby.

I need to take a picture of Dan’s fuzzy feet since they’re done and perfect, but the lighting inside / today really stinks, so that’s a no go. I have another finished object! I completed the Knitty Heart Scarf but it’s curled so much you can’t see the hearts! Gotta block.

At the CTShore-SNB on Monday I did a swatch for my bear – I’m using Lion Brand WoolEase ThickNQuick. Then I realize that I don’t need size 17 straight needles, I need dpns and circs! Gah, size 17? Well, I bid on ebay for the circs, and i’ll wait on the dpns for a moment or two. I haven’t checked the guage yet, just knit it. I also started the back of my Hello Kitty bag. I’ve also got a Lion Brand Magic stripes sock started. It’s so cool to see the stripes come out, but the sock looks HUGE!

I found a pair of socks – one completed, the other was 70% done and I hate them! I love the pattern (some sort of mistake rib) but hate how the yarn looks with them. I’m thinking maybe I could just finish them and donate? Or frog them and try again… My friend lent me her Patons sock pattern book and I can’t wait to try a bunch in there.

With all the fun-fur flaming that is going round, I thought this was a really cute alternative to a scarf a fuzzy heart pillow– maybe next year.

Also, how cute is this, An “inside out heart” cup of tea??

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