This Sucks.

What a way to end the week. DH went off on a trip to Vermont with the guys – fine, I’ll get some schoolwork done / knitting done / go shopping. My parents left on Thursday for a trip to Kilimanjaro. My uncle (my father’s baby brother) called me this evening. My grandfather (dad’s dad) died today. Massive stroke.

This is a guy in his 70’s who was apparently healthy. Goes golfing at every opportunity. Just got back from a trip to NC. Was getting ready for a trip to FL. This is so sudden and unexpected.

My parents will most likely get the message around 2:00am. Right now they are out of radio contact.

DH is driving back from VT.

I’m just sitting at the computer fixing a virus problem, half-heartedly knitting, thinking about what a wonderful guy grampa is. And how unfair this is. And how I’m so so so happy that he was at my wedding. And how I’m even more happy that we drove to my parents house on Christmas to visit with them. And how I should have called yesterday to tell him how much my students loved the rocks he gave me (the way they ooh! and aah! -ed you would think they had never seen a rock before). Never have I known a person with such a sense of humor, care for his family, pride in his sons / daughters / grandchildren, who continued to tell everyone how much he loved his wife (even after being married for 52 years) He will live on in us, as we all say his sayings: Food is scrumptious or laaaaaaaaalghtious. Q is the code word for a big bear hug. And “I’m mad now” (even though you’re really not). He calls my nana “love”.

He’s my grampa, he’s and old guy but so young at heart. He didn’t have a college education but he was one of the smartest people I know. He could fix anything. He can come up with something that will work if he did not have the exact “thing” that was needed.

These next few days and parts of this year are really going to suck.

Last year was really sucky on my family (dad with cancer, nana with cancer) the highlight was the wedding – a “high” for everyone – relief. And now, this just bites.

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