This week has been ultra-crazy with report cards being due. I finally was able to get back to knitting on Thursday night. I finished my Koigu socks during Survivor and Apprentice – One sock has a shorter cuff than the other, but underneath jeans who cares?

I started working on Coronet from because I don’t have a decent winter hat and apparently, I need it – winter just won’t let go of New England.

I’ve been hunting about ebay – I’ve won a Jiminy Cricket patch and Jiminy Cricket charm for a necklace. I’m bidding on a cute sanrio / san-x pencil case that I think I’ll use for double points. I have two really cute metal pencil cases – one with Hello Kitty and one with Monchiki, but I think I’d rather have a soft sided case… I’m also thinking about getting this – it’s a “beccabag” – how cute would that be?

Dan suggessted to me that once we’re in the new house that we can lift the no yarn buying self-imposed resolution. We’ll have the space for stash enhancement, and he just doesn’t get knitting socks. He thinks I should go bigger. Bigger things need more yarn – I’ve got 2/3 skeins on average of whatever color and sweaters and blankets need 6-8 or so!

And congrats and welcome to Heide on being a part of RAOK now! She’s a cool cat – send her stuff! :^)

AND, last but certainly not least, THANK YOU to my secret pal – I came home yesterday to a package – 4 skeins of a a mohair-type yarn in an absolutely GORGEOUS shade of green! I would love to use it to make something in time for St. Patrick’s Day, but I don’t know – maybe the Airy scarf from the Last Minute Gifts book she sent! Thank you again so much!!

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