Aw, crap!

last night I worked on the broadripple a bit more and then decided to try it on to see how much further I have to go — and it didn’t fit!!! *insert a Lucy “Wah”*

So I put it aside, and picked up the yarn and needes to attempt the heart sachet from Interweave knits… charts and I don’t mix too well. Is anyone else trying this? I probably could use some back up.

My friend Betsy is knitting a scarf for Sam Watterston – nifty huh?

Short Weeks are still long

It’s the end of wednesday – almost thursday! And that marks the end of this week for me – I took off Friday. I’m glad for it as our school is looking to be a little wacky and very “go-with-the-flow”. So, one more day to sort through.

I’m still plugging away at the Rebecca eyelet cardi, and my first broadripple sock (I’m fascinated with how those stitches make the pattern!) I’m antsy to cast on for the Heart Sachet – I was hoping that if it’s cute enough that I’ll make one for my mom for Mother’s Day.

I’ve joined the “back-tack” swap (gotta get the button up on the side) – how cool is this knitting fabric?!


I’ve been busy the past two days. Yesterday another teacher from work and I took the train into New York. We really just wandered around, but did make it to Dylan’s Candy Bar, the Hello Kitty store, Ricky’s Urban Groove (I got some GREAT magnets and a pin, “Caffeine Queen” and Frozen Hot Chocolate Mix that we weren’t able to have at this restaurant (also featured in one of my favorite movies) because the wait was too long!)

I even managed to drag my friend down to Knit NY – it was cute inside – smaller than I thought it would be. They had a sampling of many different things, and while I didn’t get anything there yarn related it was nice to check it out. I did try the Naked Berry Blast juice which was yummy.

Today we went into RI to visit my grandmother and make a trip to the zoo. I have been so many times, but this was the best. My uncle works in the human services department and was able to take us “back stage” – we saw Mikey the baby zebra (who wasn’t even out because he’s recovering from a medical thing), we got to FEED Golden Lion Tamarins and white faced saki monkeys!! So neat! One jumped on my shoulder – they were startled easily, but were gentle and would respond to “Hand” – they put their hand briefly on yours and then you gave them their food – nuts, grapes or live mealworms!! The unexpected kicker of the day was feeding the ELEPHANTS!!!! Their trunks are like a vacuum cleaner inside a mitten! That was so unbelievable to be able to have that opportunity!

So cool, but soo tired now. Nap time made me feel a little less tired but more cranky. Now it’s time to play catch-up on the blogs!

New Yarn :^) and book release

Today I met up with Dan for lunch – it was soooo yummy! Such a nice day out too! After lunch I went to my favorite knitting store – Yarns Down Under – I may be a younger knitter, but I am always treated with respect and interest in my current projects. Other yarn stores in CT have people working in them that would like nothing to do with customers or are trying to be too helpful and it comes across pushy or there’s just so much stuff in the store I don’t know where to start. Y.D.U. is a wonderful little shop – they even had the Filatura Di Crosa “Elena”!! I love it I love it I love it!!

I ended up with yarn to make the knitty ribbon x-back tank, one of the shrugs from the interweave knitters online patterns and the heart sachet.


It looks so nice out, I think I’ll walk over to the library (the good one, not the one of frequent rants) and post office in a few moments. Also on tap for today is that I want to complete the ears for the Bobbi Bear (which really is huge. the size of my thigh.), keep working on Broadripple (this is knitting up so nice, although I keep getting “caught” at the join end of the circular needles. I’m using Addi Turbos, but I’m trying to keep those end stitches tight…. oh well. Also keep working on the Rebecca wrap. Swap out the winter clothes for the summer / spring. Find my reef flip-flops. FIgure out what to have for dinner.

While getting RAOKs ready this morning I had on “A Perfect Murder” (it was still too early for spunge or daytime talk tv) – Aragorn is in this movie!!! Never realized that before. He’s so cute.

Lazy Day

It’s so nice to have a day where I don’t have to get lesson plans done before I do anything else. This morning I got up, did yoga (tried to anyway), made a CD, ran the dishwasher and then went back to work on the bobbi bear. I’m working on the 2nd arm, and probably will take care of the ears tomorrow. This bear is WAY bigger than I would like – I wonder how well it would work with different yarn /needles to make one that is smaller, because the shape is adorable.

I’m really getting hooked on the “Showdogs Moms & Dads” show – good things to keep in mind for when we get a dog – I don’t want to be on this show~!!

Waiting in Lines

Today I went shopping to pamper myself. Spring Break woo-hoo! I think I got some pretty good deals. There’s still no good spunge on tv, although the Discovery health channel has some interesting shows.

I went to the post office to post a few RAOKs and saw that there are Muppet / Jim Henson Stamps – did I know this already? Perhaps.

Bloglines let me sign in, then booted me out – acocrding to their news the problem has been fixed…

AND Target has some great dollar deals – they actually had a lot of beading stuff in the section I went to (wine charm kits, beads (all shapes / sizes / colors) – I got 2 sets of charms that I want to use as stitch markers for my smaller projects. Also, in the same section I got a cd case that I’ll be using to store my circulars (some of them anyway) AND they had some very cool bug / frog stuff (magnets, stickers, puzzles) – miraculously, I held back :^P