Dan was up and out early this morning – I didn’t sleep in too much, because it IS the first day of spring break (woohoo!) I was trying to log in to bloglines but it keeps telling me my password is no good. When I ask for it to be emailed I get a message that the email is invalid, and the password has been sent. Confusing? yeah.

There’s nothing on tv on Saturday mornings. I was hoping for spunge (trash tv, think any reality show on MTV) and found out that we get the Lifetime Movie Network – right now Sally Field is a “Woman of Independent Means” or something like that – she has cried and screamed and been a “lady of society”. Meh.

Last night we were watching “Oceans Twelve” (it was slow and choppy and we turned it off half way through) I needed some stupid knitting – low-thinking stuff – I have to pay too much attention to the Rebecca wrap (I screwed up another row, I’m refusing to frog) so I cast on for a pair of Broadripple socks. Holy chickens, I’m stupid or something – I kept messing up that pattern too, so I stopped all together. double meh.

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