Waiting in Lines

Today I went shopping to pamper myself. Spring Break woo-hoo! I think I got some pretty good deals. There’s still no good spunge on tv, although the Discovery health channel has some interesting shows.

I went to the post office to post a few RAOKs and saw that there are Muppet / Jim Henson Stamps – did I know this already? Perhaps.

Bloglines let me sign in, then booted me out – acocrding to their news the problem has been fixed…

AND Target has some great dollar deals – they actually had a lot of beading stuff in the section I went to (wine charm kits, beads (all shapes / sizes / colors) – I got 2 sets of charms that I want to use as stitch markers for my smaller projects. Also, in the same section I got a cd case that I’ll be using to store my circulars (some of them anyway) AND they had some very cool bug / frog stuff (magnets, stickers, puzzles) – miraculously, I held back :^P

One thought on “Waiting in Lines

  1. I just love Target’s $1 section! It seems to change here every week or two so I’m always going in and shoppin there. Heck, this week my “I hate to shop retail” husband even joined me and we had a ball!!

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