New Yarn :^) and book release

Today I met up with Dan for lunch – it was soooo yummy! Such a nice day out too! After lunch I went to my favorite knitting store – Yarns Down Under – I may be a younger knitter, but I am always treated with respect and interest in my current projects. Other yarn stores in CT have people working in them that would like nothing to do with customers or are trying to be too helpful and it comes across pushy or there’s just so much stuff in the store I don’t know where to start. Y.D.U. is a wonderful little shop – they even had the Filatura Di Crosa “Elena”!! I love it I love it I love it!!

I ended up with yarn to make the knitty ribbon x-back tank, one of the shrugs from the interweave knitters online patterns and the heart sachet.

3 thoughts on “New Yarn :^) and book release

  1. Thank you so much for the RAOK!! How did you know Tuesday was gonna be a rough day for me??? It really meant a lot to see that envelope in the mailbox!!!!!:) i am gonna take pics and post them on my blog for all to see:)

  2. HI, I’m interested in the cookbooks, especially if they have great vegetable or desert recies. LOL Actually, I’m interested in any of them. I coolect cookbooks, but only have a couple so far. Guess it’s not much of a colection yet. LOL

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