Achy joints

I’ve been working on the knitted rabbit (no fangs) from the “Last Minuted Knitted Gifts” – I’m using Lion Brand’s microspun and holding a double strand on the bamboos is starting to hurt my hands. I like how the fabric looks though. So I switch over to using the laptop on the couch, thus adding to my poor posture at the moment and certainly not giving my knuckles a break while i read up on the blogs.

In the meantime, how cute are these shirts? I especially like the owl, the two birds and the dish&spoon

I really want to put wallwords somewhere in the house – maybe the kitchen, craft room to be, or front hall… hrm.

Two-Year Old Birthday

What would you make for a soon-to-be two year old girl? I’ve already made her a blanket (when she was born) and fruit hat (Christening) — I’m thinking the bunny toy from Last Minute Knitted Gifts and maybe try embroidering something cute onto a little pocketbook / totebag… I’m not a very fast knitter, and her party is the 29th but I think we’ll be seeing her on the 20th… I also thought about the Fiesta Tea Set, but I wonder if that is a better gift for a three year old? I don’t know.

I’m excited getting stuff together for the back-tack… I’m worried that what I send won’t be enough or good enough – I feel like I’m in the company of overwhelming experience!

At the Thursday SnB I started working on the Rebecca sleeves, but was distracted by the conversations and meeting new people that I didn’t read the next part of the instructions about increasing at the same time. So I figure my sleeves will just be a little longer.


I won a gift certificate today at work for teacher appreciation day! $125 – that will get a very nice dinner! Google’s got a nice little image up today too… remember your teachers and say thank you!

While SP4 may be over, I have to say that I enjoyed being on the giving end to Sequink and pal of For the Love of Fibers – it was so much fun!

I’ve gotten some good feedback on cameras… still mulling it over.

Little knitting has been done lately – I have to double check my guage on the x-back tank (I think I’ll do that at the North Haven Panera MeetUp on thursday). I’ve been busy thinking about an upcoming garden – good sites:
You Grow Girl, GrowGuide-Weekend Gardener,and CT-botanical society

And the back-tack matches have been made… I’m excited (both my matches are outside of the US)!! What to send….

Wishing I had a digital camera (and sewing machine)

I just got back some photos (yay!) of finished objects, but only prints – there’s a really cute one of Patrick, the penguin, casting an Alfred Hitchcock shadow. Today at Target I was distracted by the cameras – I saw a digital one for $30 – real cheap, no preview, but maybe that would keep me momentarily happy. I walked around the store many times mulling this over, but then decided that no I wanted something good. So I mosey back to their camera display – there were no prices out on anything! Free? I wish. I waited for some red-shirt to come over and help – and he gives me a schpiel that I interrupted because 1)I’m not scared in any way of technology (I started out by telling him I mainly wanted it for photos for a website, that should be his first clue) 2)I’m not scared of computers 3)I’m familiar with cameras – I have a 35mm automatic and SLR!! I don’t like being talked down to, so I left. Without a camera. Not quite as interesting as ThreeOliveMartini’s tire near-fiasco but still.

I’m looking for 3-4 megapixels, with a zoom, preview screen. Not too large size wise. Gotta find a consumer reports on these cameras. Looking to spend less than $250. Don’t really care about easy share or printing the photos (if they’re decent enough that’s what ofoto and snapfish are for!)

Also, poking around the blogs last night made me wish I had a sewing machine and really knew how to sew! I have cross-stitched, I’m trying to embroider, I briefly used a sewing maching during my years as head costume wench in high school theatre – but to see what some people are doing out there is just inspiring!! Take a peek!
DIY Chinese Take-Out Purse (more paper than sewing, but still!)

My My (check out the patches too!)

Sewing Stars

My Paper Crane

And how about the “Month of Softies”?
There’s always ThreadBared – those gals don’t sew, but they have an, uh, appreciation for the patterns…

I’m hoping the back-tack will lead me into other adventures to feed the crafting ADHD.

Where did the weekend go?

Yesterday we closed on the house – it went very smoothly. Then we helped move a few things over and continued today – moving the smaller, fragile, essential items over to their new house. We will move out of the apartment at the end of May – sure enough it will be here soon! I’m still getting in as much knitting as I can, but have to be careful – Dan commented tonight that I’m not finishing projects!!

See, I have to do some thinking for the rebecca wrap – to make sure I do the right / left fronts properly. I think I can just follow the directions as written… but it needs thinking. And the broadripple has to be completely undone and will wait for some other pattern – the cuff opening just doesn’t fit my foot. And the heart sachet also requires thinking.

So what’s a gal to do while watching a “non-thinking” movie (Monty Python Holy Grail)? Cast-on and start knitty’s x-back ribbon tank. I really enjoy working with the deco-ribbon – it’s lightweight and works up well.

In bummer news I think I’m 3 balls short of Filatura Di Crosa “Elena” that I’ll need for the web / online shrug from Interweave Knits. I bought 3 balls, but didn’t read the yardage requirements… eep.