So I thought I was making progress.
So I thought I finally was doing the chart right.
So I looked at the sleeve last night and thought, “something looks funny”, but maybe I can fix it….

I did BO1, k2tog for all 13 rows of the binding off / decreasing!! I think you’re only supposed to do it a few times, followed by the rest of the 13 times just doing the BO1 or k2tog on one end (and the slip 1, knit 1, psso on the other)

Here’s what I misinterpreted:
When work measures 6cm bind off for sleeve cap at each end 3 sts. once, then 1st. on every 2nd row 13 times as foll:
at beg of row work edge st. and k2tog; work to 3 from end of row, then slip 1 k-wise, k1, pass slipped st. over, edge st.

I did. I BO 3 st at one end and less than that at the other. GROAN. Phooey.

One thought on “Grr.

  1. Sorry, that sucks. . . . I had to frog about 2 hours worth of work last night too, never knit while watching the tonys/ It’s bad. how’s the IPOD? talk to you soonI miss you b

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