School’s almost out – yippee! The 8th graders graduated last night – I’ve known these kids two years now and I’m glad to see them off. Mon / Tues are half days for the rest of the kiddos, and we have to take down the classrooms and staff has to go in on Wed, but that’s all! I’ve been teaching for two years – wow.

Yesterday before graduation I went out to the yarn store to pick up some yarn for my SP5. I drooled over most everything else in there and wanted it all but promptly forgot what yarns were needed for any upcoming projects. I really should list the projects / potential yarns…. hrm. Another summer project. On top of learning to sew / finishing my back-tack project, developing lesson plans for grades 4 – 8, learning to crochet (my ebay amigurumi book arrived! That was fast!!), reading, gardening, getting puppy-fied.

I really loved the Blue Sky Alpaca’s Organic Cotton – it’s so soft!! That would definetly be on my wishlist. Along with the Kidsilk Haze – the store had a little cardigan style item done up in that and it was so pretty, airy, lacy. I need to keep cracking on my rebecca wrap and then maybe make a second one in that? I don’t know, maybe.


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