You got good mail today!

I did! I almost forget sometimes how much I sign myself up for! There were packages for me :^) SO, first off – Thank Yous are in order!
Cynthia sent me a great package for the Gimme Some Needles Exchange (and there’s going to be a round 2!) You know, I had forgot about this one! She sent me “addi Natura” circular needles – I had no idea such a thing even existed!! And a bamboo crochet hook! Wow – I don’t think that i’ll ever go back to my metal ones! 🙂 This will be the tool on which I practice my crochet and amigurumi skills! I have purchased the artful yarns / colorful yarns for others but not for myself – so I’m excited for the chance to work this up into something beautiful – it’s gorgeous in shades of purple, mustard-gold, and blue!

I’ve also received CDs from Lindsey (along with treats I’ve already gobbled up! and a nifty crafty item – to make origami stars out of paper strips! Those will go in my classroom), Sandy, and Erin – I’m very excited about this new cache of music to hear, and each of these chicas seems very cool from their blogs – I’m sure their music will back that up!

Yes, there has been some knitting – the picture shows a sleeve in progress of the sitcom chic, but I’ve actually attached the sleeves. I’m hoping that in my left-handedness, that my K2TOG and SSK for the next 9 rows work out alright… I really enjoy knitting with the cotton ease – it makes a nice fabric.

And, last but not least – a cute photo of Jackson!(Not especially great focus, but I like his expression!)

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