Quotes from the couch

We’re sitting here watching Trump’s “Apprentice” and during commercials, as I’m checking on my 0923485-23904762456729-38475n bazillion bloglines, my hubby makes a very astute observation.

I never knew that knitting could be so much more than the act of knitting. It’s reading about knitting. It’s writing about knitting. It’s buying knitting.

And I replied (trying to be equally brilliant, but surely falling short)

Unravelling a skein of yarn opens up a whole new world.

And now hubby is quietly smirking at my attempts to be witty and amuse you all 🙂

There’s good tv on this fall – Arrested Development on Monday, Gilmore Girls on Tuesday (and the love of my life likes Supernatural), Martha’s Apprentice & Lost on Wednesday, Survivor and Trump on Thursday. Wow.

Knitting is slow going, but I’m starting to work on Christmas presents. The list seems to be at least a meter or two! I did find a cute sewing project to try and make a little wrap thing for Jackson. But it won’t be girly like it sounds.

Have you checked out Dani’s yarns for sale? Beautiful! I’m saving my pennies…


3 thoughts on “Quotes from the couch

  1. And don’t forget about the movie coming out VERY soon. Mayhaps we need to make plans. I know there are sneak previews on Saturday. I have to work then though. I will check to see where it is around here.

  2. I am so backed up too… When I work at the yarn store its hard for me to find time to check blogs afterwards since the days are long. Hope you are having a great weekend… hey, thats me! Thanks for linking to my page 🙂

  3. Your hubby is right– there is more to knitting than forming stitches on the needles. It’s given me new friends, a different social life and something to look forward to when I’m having a rough day.

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