TV Secrets

I will easily fess up to watching crap tv – give me real world and road rules any day. But did you know that I adore Felicity? I may have watched one or two episodes in its original run, then caught reruns and then end of the series during grad school… It’s like Dawson’s Creek but without the big words. And Ben always talks in a whisper – it’s kinda soothing. And now, it’s being rerun on WE which I think is why I feel like it’s this icky little secret…

Another tv blessing is that we now get DIY hopefully now I can catch knittygritty! And tomorrow I even have the day off – I’ll catch it in the midst of grading / lesson planning / puppy playing.


4 thoughts on “TV Secrets

  1. I’ve never even heard of WE. We get that channel? I am so excited that Comcast added DIY in Guilford! I have Knitty Gritty TiVo’d, but it’s grabbing mostly stuff from the first season and not new episodes for some reason.

  2. Hello!!! What a great blog! A big thank you for being a GREAT Secret Pal! I thoroughly enjoyed everything, thank you for your thoughtfulness. Have a great weekend-Chele

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