Needle Exchange

Romy was my Needle Exchange buddy. She rocks!

There’s an awesome skein of CottonCheneille in a lime green, knitpicks Shadow (lost lake) and the pattern to use with the yarn and the needles to knit it up with! How excited am I to finally try out knitpicks yarn? Very! And to try lace? The pattern is beautiful!! The elephant clip is so funky – I love it and will use it often! I hope this goes for another round 🙂

If you’re a fan of Kermit you may want to look away… apparently Jackson has not yet realized what a kind soul Kermie is! Frog Legs!

3 thoughts on “Needle Exchange

  1. sorry to hear about kermit, hope he is coping okay. I will also be getting some knitpicks through a knit swap, can’t wait to show it to you. Got all sorts of stuff going on, when I have a spare minute, we will have to get together. miss you b

  2. Ohh Becca!I found the other part of your package under the seat in my truck today. ugh!I hope you liked to stuff you DID get.I got your doggie a sweet litle collar.I’ll try to get it out soon.Hugs,Romy

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