A little bit of everything

Where did October go? Suddenly October is gone and it’s time to turn back the clocks (do it tonight before you go to bed!) School is still wild and crazy. I am having a lot of difficultly with classroom management of 4 boys in a fifth grade class (the rest of the class is ok). I went to a science teacher convention last week that was so very cool! And there can be science & knitting: knitted digestive system and knitalong!

My knitting has been sparse mostly because of work and Jackson – he is always trying to find a warm lap to sit in, and then he decides to try and eat the skein of yarn, the needles the work is on or the project itself. A little tricky. I’m in the middle of making my back-tack partner’s project, so that’s going to be a little late… I got an email from My back tack person, and she also sent me this really cute origami link: http://www.mollysmall.com/mollysworld/humor/Dachshund.pdf Cute!
While I was picking up knitscence at Barnes & Noble yesterday I spotted Puppy Knits – it’s a smaller book than I thought it would be, but very very cute! I almost bought “Posh Pooches” – it was a little kit that had dog-topped knitting needles. The photos of the chihuahua on the front was just too silly. And speaking on silly, here’s my dog in a sweater (acrylic, walmart brand) – hey, he shivers!

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