Goodbye 2005, Hello 2006

Totally stolen from inspired by Crazy Aunt Pearl
“I am a list maker….I make lists when I am stressed out, tired, lonely, bored, busy, frantic, drinking coffee, watching TV….Sometimes I make lists of things I have already completed just so I can draw a thick line through them and feel very accomplished. I hope you make lists, too, because I truly believe there is nothing a list can’t cure. Just the very act of making the list makes you feel better. Like you are ON TOP of this thing! You have it under control! You have… A LIST! “

My 2006 List of TO-DOs and TO-DON’Ts

Money Things:
• No more late fees at the library. I mean, really. That is just sad.
• Stop buying stuff that I don’t need.

The Size Of My Ass:
• Eat healthy stuff
• Get active – do yoga or pilates, use the weights, the balance ball…
• Drink more tea (start drinking white, drink more green)
• Drink more water.
• Use less sugar.

Personal Good Stuff & Leaving The House:
• Every day, choose happy over sad, free over constrained, liberated over abandoned, and laugh a lot. Wake up the next day and repeat.
• Plant a successful garden – tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, other flowers from seed!
• Go on a trip. (Crayola Factory with Betsy, Washington DC before Jen leaves)
• Visit my grandma, at least call her often and send her lots of happy mail.
• Stop procrastinating. Just stop it already.
• Moisturize. Constantly. You know you need it (especially when hubby says “I can tell where you lotioned and where you didn’t!) And it doesn’t matter if you can’t reach. Ask for help.
• Floss.
• Make a dentist appointment.
• Get a new girlie doctor
• Get a skin scan? Something to make sure the moles and freckles are ok and not bad.
• Host Easter dinner for the families.

• Work hard. Make deadlines a day early.
• Look at all the options.
• Have a positive attitude. Especially at work and with all co-workers. Suit up, show up and act as if….
• Send thank-you notes
• Send mail. Lots of it. Cards, postcards, notes.
• Be on time with mail as needed (holidays, birthdays, etc)
Make Resolutions List and check it monthly to strike things out.

Knitting & Crafts:

• Make Nana chemo caps (Shedir, Berocco Chincilla, & __________ _
• Make a sweater. Wear the sweater.
• Make the Mac & Me ruffle scarf.
• Make the rainbow scarf from LMKGM
• Make socks. Wear the knitted socks.
• Learn to embroider (You already have the Sublime Stitching Starter Kit, and Stitch-It-Kit)
• Use the sewing machine. Even if it’s only to make stuff for Jackson.
• Learn to crochet.
• Get good at crochet to attempt amigurumi.

Finally… The Not-To-Do List:

• Don’t say “yes” to things just because someone springs them on me at the last minute. Instead, say “Let me think about it and get back to you.”
• Time is sparse, life if short. Don’t waste it on useless things, people, memories, obligations.
• Don’t worry about stuff I can’t change anyway.
• Don’t expect other people to live by my values.
• Don’t compromise my values for anyone.
• Don’t choose the known over the unknown just because it’s comfortable.
• Don’t waste time on stupid stuff or mean stuff. Frequently ask myself “Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?”
• Don’t minimize success.

To list is to live. To list online is to live out loud!

Fiber Godmother Question / Survey

Fiber Godmother Questionnaire
I really want to get back on the wagon with RAOKs and swaps (craftster or otherwise!)

General Fiber Questions:
What are your fiber-related hobbies? (Knit, Crochet, Spinning, Needlepoint, etc.) – Knitting. But one of my New Year’s resolutions is to learn crochet / amigurumi and embroidery
How long? – I taught myself to knit about 4 years ago
Which are you *most* into? – knitting, but I drool over amigurumi and Sublime Stitching!
How would you classify yourself in this craft – beginner, intermediate, advanced? –
intermediate, I guess – I’m comfortable with the needles, but I still have a lot to learn!

What is your current fiber-related obsession? –
tiny things – I made many mini-sweaters, I’m trying to find a great cardigan!
What are your favorite items to make? – I enjoy socks, when they fit! Bags and scarves are fun because guage does not matter as much
What are you making right now? – on the needles I have flower washcloths, knitty’s bobblicious, and I’m working on shedir as well

What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? –
I enjoy playing with my sewing machine, looking at fabrics, planning projects

About the fiber:
Your favorite yarn(s) (brand or type)? – I recently discovered how wonderful Rowan yarns are! I adore noro and koigu too. But no favorite favorite.
What fibers do you absolutely *not* like? – scratchy
Is there a yarn you’ve been dying to try? – Manos, Cascade Eco Wool, Blue Sky organics, Trekking sock yarn, LobsterPot yarn
Are you a fiber snob? – I don’t think of myself as such, but as I have said before, it’s equivalent to buying candy at the drugstore and then going to Dylan’s candy bar in New York City. One place is much more fun and expensive! But you can satisfy the sweet tooth with some selections from the 2 for 99 cents section!

About the tools:
Hardwood, Bamboo, Aluminum, Plastic? – anything but susan bates
For knitters: Straight, DPN or Circular needles? – depends on the project
Favorite gadget? – I don’t know that I really have any gadgets
Anything you’ve been wanting to try? – I just ordered myself a swift and winder

About you:
Do you pamper yourself? Or do you generally come last? –
I have been known to splurge on myself, small scale (origins products rock!)
What does an ideal day off/free hour consist of for you? – exactly what I want to watch on tv, catching up on blogs, knitting and my puppy asleep in the sunshine
Are you allergic to anything? – pollen
What is your family situation? (Partner, spouse, kids, etc.) – husband
Are you owned by any pets? – Jackson, my mini dachshund puppy

Your favorite color(s)? – blue-purple-green-grey
Any colors you just can’t stand? – I tend to stay away from pinks and orange but that doesn’t mean I can’t stand them, I guess I haven’t seen their beauty yet
What’s your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.) – citrus, light floral
Least favorite? (Maybe you’re not “allergic,” but it makes you want to die) – heavy florals, almond
How do you feel about candy? – Have you read “Candy and Me: A Love Story” – that’s my life!
Any dietary restrictions? – nope

Is there anything that you collect? –
I used to, but I am trying to stay away from it now
What is your favorite holiday? -Thanksgiving

Do you have an online wish list (e.g. Amazon, Things I Want)? If so, share the link. If nothing else, it will give your Godmother more ideas about your likes/dislikes. –
There is a link, in my sidebar
Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? -oh yes
What kind of music do you like? – Barenaked Ladies, Toad the Wet Sprocket, Dave Matthews Band, Tori Amos, Indigo Girls, The Killers
Any special requests in case your Godmother wants to make a CD for you? – I’m open to new things

Favorite movie(s)? – Say Anything, High Fidelity, Singin’ in the Rain
Any “fan” stuff? (e.g. Firefly, Wonder Woman, etc.) – Muppets, Hello Kitty

Happy Christmas!

This is a Christmas to remember. Not only is it the first one without Grampa, it will be my first Christmas without seeing my dad. My Nana is down in Florida visiting her daughters – my dad and uncle are flying down today to surprise her! Very cool – so we all met up yesterday – my dad / mom / brothers / uncle – prior to the usual “Christmas Eve” festivities at my Mom’s family.

Today the plan was to got to Dan’s parents, exchange gifts, then go to Long Island to see Dan’s Grandmother and go up to see my mom / brothers when we got back. This morning we arrive at Dan’s mom’s and she tells us she’s sick and not going with us to Long Island. We’re waiting / chatting when Dan’s brother calls – he’s got an emergency plumbing issue. Plumbers are called, and dan’s dad goes to check things out – there’s sewage and leaky pipes and it’s not good.

So our plan has changed to not go to Long Island, and we’re going up to my mom’s earlier than expected. Holidays are crazy. This is why I like Thanksgiving the best – everyone is just meeting to eat!

I have started my last project of the year – knitty’s bobblicious – only one row of bobbles on each end – I dislike my large metal needles – and the yarn (Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky) slides around on them too much!


It seemed back in August, that we would never make it to the start of Christmas vacation. And yet, here we are. Today is such a blow-off day at school. I should have brought in my knitting – I’ve got two sweater ornaments to seam up / make sleeves for and a flower washcloth to finish. And also, the snow-mouse for my mom. But otherwise, the only Christmas knitting not done is the hats for my Nana… I will work on them and get them to her when she returns from Florida.

Things I Like

So, I’m avoiding grading and correcting, all while looking really important and busy as the kids are making parachutes! I can not wait for Christmas vacation!!!

I don’t watch SNL anymore, this is hysterical (Chronicles of Narnia Rap!)

I’m really enjoying the cast-on podcast Good music too.

Last night, Heide hosted a cookie swap – it was nice to get out and meet some new people – I knew some of the gals from the knitting nights, but I haven’t been in what feels like forever! School is just so time intensive. It was fun and the cookies were soooooo good!

I like more things than that, but I guess I don’t know them readily…

Last Minute Brilliance

I’m a nut. Truly. Last night before I fell asleep I thought about how wonderful it would be if at Christmas Eve (big party for my mom’s side of the family) I made each family a set of those mini-sweaters / egg cozies (see here, here, here or even Last Minute Knitted Gifts) and a garland type one for my grandmother with everyone on it! I have yet to make even ONE, so I doubt it would happen but it would be a nice family tree sort of idea to start in the summer time when it’s hot. I think I will do some…

It’s Christmas, of course there’s a dog in a Santa hat somewhere!

Snow Day – FO!

Thank goodness the weather people got it right today – no school for me! We all slept in and took it easy. Even took care of the Christmas cards :^) Yay! I’ve got a big list of knitting “to-dos”, and now I can cross one of the things off – Flora is done! I think it’s a little fidgety to figure out the buttons, but the recipient will like it, I’m pretty sure. I liked this pattern enough to buy more yarn in blues to make one for me!

I’ve been struggling with Shedir. THere’s something funky going on with my cables. I just don’t see the pattern emerging. Are there any lefties who have knit this successfully? I want to gift it to my Nana. I’m also going to make her the berocco chinchilla head hugger / chemo cap pattern. But I think the shedir pattern is so pretty!

Jackson has taken to getting himself to very high places. Including tables. And he seems to like wearing his new Land’s End sweater.