Happy December!

School seems to be back on the upswing. The parents are nutty (one kid was one point off the honor roll and the ‘rents were down my throat!) and the kids are worse, but overall it’s been okay. I’m trying to ignore a lot of baloney.

Last weekend for our anniversary, Dan got me tickets to see Barenaked Ladies at Mohegan Sun! What an awesome show! They give such a great performance – always. And this was a great mix of their hits, plus one new one (which was very cool) and Christmas / Hanukkah songs. Check out their Barenaked for the Holidays album!

In knitting news, I picked up a ball of Rowan Calmer to make shedir by girlfromauntie I had been trying it with some leftover Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, which I may finish and keep for me. But I think that for my Nana, the calmer might be better – there are less gaps in it – want to keep her head warm. So far I like the calmer, and I like bamboo, so I feel so far it’s going better, but I haven’t yet gotten to row 15 yet – that’s where I am on the Classic Elite version and I think I messed up.

I think I should join the Naked Stix in 2006 KAL – I’m almost scared to count!


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