Now I’m a serious knitter

I’ve been knitting for about 4 years now. I’ve improved, I’ve learned, I’ve tried new things, I’ve frogged, I’ve KIP-ed, and I’m quite pleased with my hobby. Tonight, it seems to have taken on a whole new feeling.

I’ve got myself a swift and ball winder! I wound a skein as soon as I had it out of the box and assembled (the yarn, by the way is Blue Sky Alpaca white / bluesky to make a ruffled scarf from Mac & Me which I bought at a recent trip to the Village Sheep in New Milford) – excellent!

I was so excited bouncing around showing my husband and the dog, that I couldn’t find the center pull bit and panicked for a moment that I would have to re-wind the ball!!

I’m one of the cool kids now baby.


6 thoughts on “Now I’m a serious knitter

  1. Nice! My dad got me a swift for x-mas, but I haven’t tested it out yet… Seeing the joy it’s brought you, I think I’m inspired to bust it out this weekend to take it for a run.

  2. Becca, thanks for the e-card. I have a daughter named Rebecca who also goes by Becca. Great name!!! And yes, the addition of a swift and ball winder to your decor does take a knitter to a new level. Congrats on your acquisition.

  3. ooooooooooohI need me a ball winder & swift…I’ve been knitting for over 28 years…knit a lot of things…rolled a lot of balls… and still haven’t spent the yarn budget on a ball winder/swift… …just can’t seem to give up a few skeins of something yummy in exchange for it… dman yarn addiction. Hmph.

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