Coffee is a daily staple to me, but too much gives me noticeable jitters. So, after my initial 2-3 cups in the morning at home and school I swtich over to tea. There is something very soothing about tea, and I feel like I am drinking more water when I do (coffee is “just water dressed in brown” according to Ani) – anyway. I’m trying to be better this year to drink more tea with good health benefits. White Tea is supposed to be good. Even Alton has done a show on tea.

Yesterday I tried Snapple’s White Tea: Strawberry tea bags I feel like I’m drinking hot watered down strawberry snapple. Which can be ok in a pinch. I am sensing I need to place an order with Adagio teas for the real deal.


8 thoughts on “Tea

  1. I love Adagio! I have tried Pumpkin Spice, Raspberry and Valentine’s (Chocolate and Strawberry) – all good in my book. Also, if you are looking for something a little different, chai tea is my fave.

  2. Adagio IS wonderful, no question! I’m picky about my tea, though–black tea, no extra flavors. (Well, occasionally some peppermint.) I like a cup of coffee in the morning–though I usually do half-caff. (I buy bags of both regular and decaf beans, and then mix them 50/50 in my canister.) The rest of the day, usually, if I want something hot, it’s tea. The funny thing, though? As good as the “good” stuff is? More often than anything else, I reach for the Tetley British Blend teabags. Can’t help it–just really like that blend!

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