B is for / The yay’s have it

Basking in the Sun:

My favorite is the second one. I’m thinking about possibly submitting some photos to the local country fairs this year – I think it would be kindof neat – some of my photos are really good!

I’ve just about cast-off for bobblicious I need slightly more yarn to cast off the remaining 5 stitches or so, then tomorrow I guess I’ll seam. Yay.

Not yay: I was working on my Jaywalker socks last night and decided to try them on, and they are just too snug – there’s no way if I keep going they will fit. I’ve got maybe 3 inches on the zigzag pattern, so it’s not the end of the world. I really want to use the yarn (Dani’s, so pretty) so I guess I’ll go up a needle size or two? Advice? I would also prefer to do these on two circulars, rather than the dpn – I’m going to poke my eye out I know it.

Yay: To Gillian – she hosted a lovely Golden Globes party last night for our local snb group – it was a lot of fun to watch with ladies and talk trash about celebs

Yay: I heard from my Fiber Fairy Godmother and my Mellow SP – excellent – I’m looking forward to this! I’ve got an order coming from KnitHappens which sadly does not contain anything for me – it is all being sent out to the Pals!

6 thoughts on “B is for / The yay’s have it

  1. very vute pics… i like the second one too 🙂 i would say go up 1 needle size, that should do it right? i use the magic loop methos and i love the one circ. needle deal…don’t have to buy two!

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