She-dir, She-done (aka C is for Chemo Cap?)

I have really been busting it out on this one – I finished on Saturday morning maybe 1.5 hours before I had to leave to go visit my Nana and family for Grampa’s memorial mass (can’t believe it’s been a year – it was not easy, but wow.) I ended up turning the pattern upside down, working from left to right, and V-e-r-y-s-l-o-w-l-y working my way through each row and holding the cable needle in front if it said in back and in back if it said in front. Enough explanation, here it is – in it’s hard to photograph self:

I used 1 ball (and inches, it may have been one or two yards) of a 2nd ball of Rowan Calmer in 469 Amour.
My Nana seemed to like it very much – her hair is starting to grow back in so that’s good and she’s moving this week. We have big heads in our family and I was pleased that it fit me (with hair) and her (with little to none).

Last night I didn’t knit. I read through several very different magazines – yay! I am deciding though what to work on next – a return to the Jaywalkers I presume. Although I have Li’spattern for a Herringbone Rib scarf – I have Manos already halfway worked up into a scarf, I’m thinking I might try with some Foliage

I went to the mall to pick up some origin’s soap (yummy cocoa therapy) and then I went to The Body Shop where the saleslady very kindly sold me some of the new strawberry line (lotion, scrub, gel) – even though it’s not officially available until Feb. 1 – excellent.


6 thoughts on “She-dir, She-done (aka C is for Chemo Cap?)

  1. She-dir, she-bop! Looks great, what a wonderful color. It sounds like your Nana is past the worst of the chemo. Hope her move goes well and she gets her strength (and hair) back soon. The stuff that grows back initially is so strange and amazing.

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