Random Bits

My parents are off to Africa – Kilimanjaro (Take two) – and so far, no one has gotten sick or died like last year, so already it is a plus. They’re out and about until Feb. 20. Nearly unbelievable – so I sit here, do my thing, knit a bit and think good thoughts.

I’ve been working on jaywalkers with Sockotta (#621 – blue / green / gold-ish / black-ish stripes) – so far so good.

I found the new Magknits today – holy cow, it’s great! I love love love Odessa, and the sushi, and the ziggy scarf…

I also joined Sew? I Knit! because it seems like the right motivator to get me learning / using the sewing machine. How hard can a skirt be really? (Famous last words I’m sure…)

We watched the 40 Year Old Virgin lasst night – funny, cute.

I was able to finish 95% of my lesson plans this week while at school – that opens up lots of knitting / crafty time this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Random Bits

  1. As a fellow teacher and knitter I know that delicious feeling of having my plans done (are they ever truly finished!) and free time to knit. Now if I could only get someone to correct the essays!!

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