Mail Catch Up

It’s a surprise snow day – well, not a complete surprise – I thought we would get an early dismissal, not the full day off! Excellent. I’ve been meaning to post to say thank you to Amanda – she sent chocolates and heart soap (in my new favorite scent – Body Shop strawberry) – I have signed up for Yarn Aboard!) and she needed to swap the person to whom I am sending the box, no sweat – but she sent the goodies anyway!! How sweet!

Over the weekend I got a package from Gail (that’s her blog, her knitting blog is here – so cool!) – my Fiber Godmother – ooooh! I am so excited! There’s Rowan Recycled Chunky and Biggie (I’ve been dying to try!), sweets, soaps, candles, and sheep stitch markers! This has been a really fun swap, and my “Godmother” was above and beyond!

I recently finished “reading” Dirty Girls Social Club by Alisa Valdes Rodrigues – quick, enjoyable.

I finished the booga bag felting-wise, but need to finish the straps part – and today I finished a daffodil – (pattern here) – how cute is that! And easy too! I’ll be doing lots of these I think. Gotta find some ribbon to toss it into the wash.

One thought on “Mail Catch Up

  1. Thanks for the great Fiber Godmother package! I love the yarn colors (purple goes with everything)The Pez sheep is so cute, as is the bunny. I’m looking forward to making a cup of the chai and looking through my pattern books for just what I want to make with both of the beautiful yarns you sent!Thanks Again Fiber FairyLisa

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