April 2

I almost can’t believe that it’s April already. Sheesh. As much as the days may drag, all of a sudden they’re gone!

Last weekend I went to New York City with Betsy and stayed with our friend VIK. Pictures will be added later.

We went to The Stoned Crow which was very very cool. In fact we stayed there all night!

On Saturday we ventured to South Street Seaport hoping to maybe check out the Bodies but the line was HUGE. We went shopping and bought shoes (Shocking!) We found Seaport Yarn – excellent place! I behaved very well and only bought a pair of needles and some stitch markers. As we ventured on into the city, we went to the Flatiron Lounge for some girly drinks to toast our good friend Jenny who is getting married!. We were quite pleased with ourselves – not being terribly girly-girl gals, we were quite successful in exercising both X chromosomes 🙂 We went to chinatown for dinner at Joe’s Shanghai – holy chickens, it was delish!

As if Saturday was not busy enough, our Sunday was quite full too. We met up with another friend Mike, and saw a fellow high school friend perform a very touching tribute in RiddleLikeLove (with a side of ketchup) – so so good! Elizabeth championed some goodcauses while she was alive.

I also discovered Kinokuniya – it took a little hunting, but I found the craft section (thank goodness for origami – it was my clue that I was close!) So many books had dachshunds in them – I didn’t buy any knitting or crochet books. Instead, I picked up two bag books (ISBN4-391-62127-4 & ISBN4-8347-2377-1) and a quilt book(ISBN4-89396-868-8). I also grabbed two very cute Totoro notebooks and a book of postcards.
(In looking for links to the books online, I found this site – how cute are those labels? and I never thought to check out clover’s website!)

Knitwise, I’m in the midst of several projects that need fixing, so they all bug me right now.

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