April 17 – vacation!

Happy Easter!

I used those easter chickies in my placecard settings at Easter dinner which I hosted – see, like this:

I love those little chicks. Bitter with Baggage is highly amusing. I would love to see a series with these little chicks and knitting… (it may not top this though)

Easter dinner was a huge success. I’m lucky that my family and in-laws bring just about everything. We clean house / provided the space, no biggie.

My other springy / Easter craft projects included felting the daffodils:
and my wee bunny

Very much in keeping with Project Spectrum unintentionally.

School’s out this week. Yay! At the bookstore in town I bought Diary of a Worm and Diary of a Spider – I mentioned how much my 6th graders liked the book. I noticed a poster for the Spider book and commented on how cute it was. Now, here’s a moment when New Englanders are just the best ever. The lady gave me the poster, a teacher discount (15%) and tax exemption (even though I didn’t have the tax id number!) Wow. I’ll shop there again and drop a mention of my students. Something positive in light of all the negative press that has been in the paper lately.

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