Choices / Advice needed! (Edit)

So the Arctic is a no-go. And I’m okay with that.

We’re looking into getting a second dachshund – going to the same place from where we got Jackson today to look at his half-brother (a long hair) and his father (!) (a smooth black / tan). The long hair is ours! Coming home on Friday! He is just under a year old, and his name is Chi (rhymes with high or sky)!!

Dan’s cousin is getting married this summer. Yesterday while going in to order a bridesmaid dress, Betsy & I found the perfect dress! It’s a Marilyn Monroe style dress (like this one, but it doesn’t tie at the neck and a little more gathered across the middle – it’s black with green stems / two shades of blue flowers all over it.
Poor cell phone photos – the dress is by Luly K (which I can’t find any website for)

I want to make a shawl / wrap as the back and shoulders are bare / open and I know we’ll be in church and a long car ride so I want something to cover me if I get a chill. However, the wedding is in August, Long Island. Any ideas? These are some I already like:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
and with further poking about, I find that I’m really into Kiri (pdf file link) or MagKnits Trellis Wrap or this Candis wrap thing



6 thoughts on “Choices / Advice needed! (Edit)

  1. Just came across your BLOG today. I stopped to read it because I too live in CT and I noticed your dachshund puppy. Are you getting your new puppy from a breeder or a rescue group? I am thinking about getting a mini, long or wire haired; but don’t want a puppy. So I think rescue would be for me. Do you know of any good rescue groups? Thanks

  2. Ohhh, the Lacy Lattice from Fiddlesticks looks nice. I haven’t made anything from their patterns yet, but I’ve heard that they are wonderful to work with. Congrats on the new pooch. (Watch out for those subway air grates in August đŸ˜‰ )

  3. A new pupper! Yay! I saw some flyer in the library for a Dachsund Social or something?? Do you know about it already? Also, I just came across this cute soap and thought you’d dig it.

  4. #1 would probably be too fussy to put on and take off easily. I like several of the others – with that dress and being in August, I would probably go with something “light” looking – more lacy – than some of the others look. I love the Clapotis so much, but I can’t picture it with that dress.With the subtle flower look of the dress, I could see Kiri or the Flower Basket Shawl that was in Interweave a few years ago.

  5. love the style of the dress. and I love the Cheryl Oberle shawls in Folk Shawls, as well as the Fiddlesticks patterns. I was thinking that for Aug in NY you may want something light and small, and kind of liked the first one as a complement to the Marilyn style of the dress. I’m thinking rectangular with the dress, or something fitted to the shoulders, is probably better than a triangle for the dress. What fun that you and Jae were swap partners for green.

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