May 9

I finished a pair of pedicure socks using yarn from Dani / Sunshine Yarns – I still have a ton left over! More to make. Gotta take a photo and post it. Do these count towards 200sox? or 2000 socks in 2006? I don’t see why not!

Also, started working on Rosalind – I’m using Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool in Granite and Woad (I think, don’t have the bands right here) – those colors are really close, will the illusion still show?

I’ve also got big plans to knit up CeCe & Cutaway in the near future.

We ended up returning the second dog, as great as he was, it just didn’t work out. Jackson was actually quite unfriendly to the new guy.

My newest favorite podcast? Coverville


3 thoughts on “May 9

  1. Ohhhh..never mind..I see the DNA now. That might be a cute present to knit my daughters since both have science-like majors – one is in Nursing and the other Chemical Engineering.

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