Crazy names

In the spirit of this post and reflecting on my teaching experiences here are some I would add / include – true kids I’ve met or known. And some of the names really aren’t that bad (could be worse) but they could be much better. Also, keep your ears open for future generations named after body parts. Each year when I teach the human body, I have at least two or three kids that remark at how nice that sounds and they’ll name their kids that (keeping in mind I teach 7th / 8th graders about the body) – Phalanges (finger bones), Patella (knee cap), Duodenum (part of the digestive system, stomach). My dad told me that he once worked at a hospital where some mom named her kid Meconium (first bowel movement) because it sounded pretty.

Jea’na (jen-nay), female
Infinity, female
Precious, female
Diamond, female
J’quan (jay-kwan), male
Shanyge (san-jean), female
Shaquanda, female (on more than one embarrasing occasion I misspoke and called for Shanequa)
Joshanda, female

In 3 years and ~ 150 kids, even though its urban / minority students I’ve had some interesting biblical references:
Elijah, Malachi, Ishmael, Pentecost (all male)
only one Michael
only one Jessica
two Stephanies

Knitting posts are coming, eventually.


This afternoon I opened my email to find 19 emails “from” ebay saying that I was successful in creating my listings. Um, I don’t own any of the things I’m apparently selling (box dvd sets) – I’ve sent them on to the “spoof” check with ebay, tried to close the account, but with the “open” listings I can’t. I tried to end the listings early, but can’t because the item numbers are invalid. WTF?

I’ve got parts of a dog sweater “blocking” – it’s only wool-ease, so I’m not sure how much it will really block.

I then used some of the wool-ease to do a miter square – so nifty how that works! So today I bought some more wool-ease to continue making the squares. I’ll worry about the size / color combinations later. They are fun and easy / portable, so that’s good, but at this point I don’t have any intended recipients – possibilities but that is all.


cue the music – I’m officially on vacation! I feel a little goofy,like this
(found on

Thankfully I did recover from my sinus “thing” – majorly annoying. I have done very little crafting and need to catch up! I finished one thing but can’t post it because it’s a surprise for the recipient. I’ll post it later.

This video (Here) is very cool.

I received a great package from Kristi – I loved the blue tape, but the label fell off somewhere – probably in the mail truck, since it made it’s way to my house ok. See?

And wonderful goodies inside:

bubbles, and a “Grow Your Own Coffee Break”, Garden Tweed (which I can’t wait to do something with! Love the colors) and some gorgeous Cascade, a bath fizzie, fabrics and a new box for keeping supplies in! Love it!

And in other news, I’m now 28 – I had a very nice birthday – no students! hehe. I”m going to see Spamalot in July, I can catch-up on The Muppet Show: Season 1, Princess Bride (Dread Pirate Edition), practice knitting (for the pup), and a little bit of cooking (thank you Rachel Ray!).

And if you need a little break, check out my brother doing stand-up: Without Hyperbole – his blog / video.

Leave it to me

Who gets sick in June? I’ve got some sort of allergy / virus / sinus thing that has completely kicked my butt. To the point where I was laid up all weekend and called out of work today. In 3 years this is my first true sick day. I’ve taken days off, but never called in sick.

There’s 6.5 days left of school including today.

Explorer Errors

I was halfway done with my post and Internet Explorer had to close. Groan. So, to sum up:
I was away for the weekend in DC with these girls for a bridal shower:

(Left to Right: Me, the bride Jenny, Bets, VIK)
This was the after bridal shower party. Fun times!

Before I left for the weekend of getting lost, this arrived:

My knitters tea swap spoiler was Amy
There are two types of tea (I’m enjoying the cranberry one right now and I can’t wait to try the POM one!), a tea tin, sugar cookies, scone mix, jam, tea notepad + ornament + towel, soap and beautiful yarn from Vermont! Thank you so very much! This was a lot of fun!

Today, in my mail there was the dog sweater book from ebay, a red / cherries wallet from Caro (splityarn) – perfect size, yarn from RubySapphireYarns, and a package from my OneSkein Pal

The packaging was very cool – there were all these tags inside – like confetti!

I adore the wrapping! So eco-friendly!

Blue sky Organic Cotton yarn! eeeeee! I’m thinking that maybe a dishcloth or an item for Jackson… I adore it – and now need to get my butt in gear to send out my one skein!