Explorer Errors

I was halfway done with my post and Internet Explorer had to close. Groan. So, to sum up:
I was away for the weekend in DC with these girls for a bridal shower:

(Left to Right: Me, the bride Jenny, Bets, VIK)
This was the after bridal shower party. Fun times!

Before I left for the weekend of getting lost, this arrived:

My knitters tea swap spoiler was Amy
There are two types of tea (I’m enjoying the cranberry one right now and I can’t wait to try the POM one!), a tea tin, sugar cookies, scone mix, jam, tea notepad + ornament + towel, soap and beautiful yarn from Vermont! Thank you so very much! This was a lot of fun!

Today, in my mail there was the dog sweater book from ebay, a red / cherries wallet from Caro (splityarn) – perfect size, yarn from RubySapphireYarns, and a package from my OneSkein Pal

The packaging was very cool – there were all these tags inside – like confetti!

I adore the wrapping! So eco-friendly!

Blue sky Organic Cotton yarn! eeeeee! I’m thinking that maybe a dishcloth or an item for Jackson… I adore it – and now need to get my butt in gear to send out my one skein!


2 thoughts on “Explorer Errors

  1. Don’t you ever wonder what the postman/woman thinks about all the coming and going of packages from a knit bloggers residence? If only they knew the joy they were bringing. Your pressies look wonderful!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend was had by all ……… and, how exciting to come home to packages of knitting goodies! Thanks again for my treasures 🙂

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