I haven’t even been in school a full week yet and I’m behind (and still with out my camera – can’t figure out why suddenly the laptop refuses to “see” the camera).

I received a wonderful package for the colorswap of neutrals from Heatherly – white tea bath/body stuff, tea cup / saucer, ribbon yarn, wool yarn, and other goodies.

I finished these socks in this yarn – it’s a little snug getting it on, but overall I’m pleased.

I’ve got to pack up and send out for the the favorite colorswap and oneskein swap.

School started out on a good foot, but I found out I didn’t pass my portfolio and I’m pissed. I’ve got a background in Chemistry. Getting my masters and passing my thesis was hard, teaching – not so much! This is ridiculous.


Still working on the camera/photos issues…

Started putting back my classroom together, in bits and pieces. Gosh I can’t believe that it’s time again! Soooo soon!

I finished knitting a scarf (but no photos obviously.)

I finished Cute. I enjoyed it.

I was indulging myself in some chocolate because I wanted to (don’t want to be cranky). And while I have sent this in packages to people before I hadn’t actually tried it till now – it’s so yummy! And it comes with a little “trading card” – this one had something kinda like this: a Weevil Beetle – “This striking white weevil posed for us at the side of a trail leading to a remote village in Sulawesi. Weevils are also called snout beetles; characterized by an elongated region in front of their eyes. Larvae of these beetles are usually shaped like the letter “C” and are pale to white in color and lack legs. Maybe you have heard the expression, “weevils wobble but they won’t fall down.”

Huh. Educational, earth friendly chocolate. I like it!

Better than Nothing

So, I’m having difficulty with my camera so I can’t upload / show you any photos of my trip to Washington, DC or some of the awesome swaps I have received. And I got a call yesterday from the principal – I’m due at school today for a 9:00 meeting. Teachers start back next week, the kids on the 28th… Summer’s done!