Fall TV LineUp

It’s a small world. Ugly Betty is a show I was going to give at least one night of attention to this fall season. But now, I most definetly will. There’s an article in the local paper about two actresses from my town. I went to high school with (and costume-crewed a lot of the shows with)Becki. Interesting.

Her brother, Matt, with whom I also attended high school and crewed on the shows, has been on one of my favorite shows, but not one of the highly anticipated returns: Gilmore Girls.

I’m watching Survivo, Lost, Amazing Race and Sopranos

2 thoughts on “Fall TV LineUp

  1. Hmmmmmm…I don’t recognize Matt. I watched the first few seasons of Gillmore Girls but was really disappointed with the last season so I’m not sure I will watch it this year.Hope school is going well for you!

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