(I’m still without my camera, so links will have to do.)

Yesterday when I got home there was a great package waiting for me from Lynne – she’s been very aware of the fact that red / pink are not my favorite colors, however I love everything she sent (and I’m keeping it all!)

There’s candy – Skittles, Laffy Taffy, Red Fish!! — my dentist will thank you!
There’s ya--rn! in red and white. – I have not yet had the luxury of working with Any debbie bliss, so I’m very excitied for that. And I’ve started a “cotton / dishcloth” yarn collection and I do not yet have red/white!
There’s lip gloss – how did you know that I am miserable without lip gloss? The more the better!
There’s an apron that she made! (scroll down to Sept19!) – I love this the best I think! Wow – love the fabric and the pocket!
There’s the Holiday Knits book – perfect! I’m planning to make the scarf in there ASAP~!
There’s also a great big mug with red / pink flowers filled with different teas! Raspberries and Cranberry – yum!
And (can you believe it, there’s more!)
There’s a notes / small file holder, and dpn point protector, and a tape measure.

Everything was wrapped in pink tissue paper and there were even pink packing peanuts!
Thank you soo much! This was a lot of fun – your package will be leaving my house on Monday!

When that happens, along with Lewis and Clark setting off on their journey, I’ll be caught up!

To my Tea Swap partner – thanks for the email! Hi!!

One thought on “Colorswap

  1. Well, Becca…I am so glad you loved your package! I know how it can be to not be that crazy about a certain color, so I tried to be “sensitive” about it! At least you can make red and white mittens for someone! and you don’t have to wear a dishcloth! You have been such wonderful participant, and I thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment to this swap! Have a great fall, and I’ll see you around blogland!

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