Needle Check

I originally planned to give myself a break at school today and make a post about “what’s on my needles” but as today has gone on I think I may need to invest in some retail therapy…that could be dangerous.

So, on my needles:
1. Banff – I’ve got the back done and started a sleeve last night.
2. the zebra from vogue scarves two – just have to finish the leg, weave in ends, add eyes, fringe, ears.
3. Snakes on a Sock – one sock is done, the second sock I’m ready to do the heel flap.
4. I started the sushi wallet a while ago but didn’t read the directions completely and needed to use an additional needle. So, it’s just sitting in the bag.

I’ll probably cast on for these really cute pumpkins because I can’t resist.


I’m quite excited about the yarn I’ll be getting from Ruby Sapphire in the Hope and Bekka colorways. I am going to have a “Donald” colorway made up and use that with the Hope to make a scarf I saw in scarf style for my grandmother for christmas.

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