It’s never to early to think ahead to next year – thoughts / advice welcome!

I could so have Jackson be his own little “short bus” – felt would work, right?

We like bananas!

But this, this dachshund in aluminum chain mail is too much! Someone commented it that it looked knitted on big needles — maybe?

5 thoughts on “Costumes

  1. Becca…Thank you thank you thank you for being such a great Boo-Ty Swap pal!I got to the post office too late yesterday, and was sooo pleased to go pick up my package today. I love everything… The yarn, the candy dish, the tea, all of it! You rock! Thank you SO much!I’ll have pics on my blog soon! I live in a big trick-or-treating neighborhood, and have been preparing for Halloween all day today. I go thru about 30 pounds of candy at 1-2 pieces per child! eek!Again, my heartfelt thanks for making this a wonderful swap!-Christine

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