Today I dislike my job

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a teacher. This week, in much due to the sugar rush, there’s been more stress than usual. Our school is very small. We really don’t have substitutes. I was asked to use my prep periods tomorrow to cover two classes of Music. While I was annoyed at first, it really isn’t too bad a thing – I can help and cover. Tonight I got a phone call from the head teacher of my team. There’s been a death in her family, so she’ll be late / possibly not in tomorrow. The english teacher is also going to be out tomorrow. So that makes me the “senior” in charge. I’m starting to stress in advance. Ugh. And in helping to cover, I’m sure to loose any “free” time – I’ll be lucky to sneak in a potty break.

I wish I was in a cubicle, 9-5 kinda job. This be everywhere, help everyone, do it all 24 / 7 isn’t really working for me.

Oh, someone left a comment asking why some of my kids don’t celebrate Halloween – they are Jehovah’s Witness or Zionist(?, maybe 7th Day Adventist?) – they tell me it’s the Devil’s birthday.


2 thoughts on “Today I dislike my job

  1. Agreed. I’m a lawyer in my own office but with long hours. Trust me, you don’t want my job either. Weekends, holidays, when there’s work, I have to be at the office or be connected to the office via comp, blackberry (or crackberry), etc.

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