Break Time

Here’s what you do:

1. Open your music library
2. Set settings to “Shuffle”
3. Press play
4. For each entry, type the song that’s playing
5. For new entry, press the next/forward button

opening credits: “Stupid Girls” Pink ~ ok, sets the tone

waking up: “I wanna be sedated” The Ramones ~ again, true to life

first day at school: “Your Eyes” (RENT, Broadway cast) ~it’s one of those movies

falling in love: “In a big country” Big Country ~this one creeps me out a bit

breaking up: “Skullcrusher Mountain” Jonathan Coulton ~excellent

prom: “Down to Earth” Barenaked Ladies ~proms don’t have to make sense, that’s why they are fun

life’s okay: “Being for the Benefit of Mr.Kite” Beatles ~suitable

mental breakdown: “Some Fantastic” Barenaked Ladies ~mellow breakdown, eh?

driving: “Can’t Help Falling in love” UB40 ~good singalong

flashback: “Piece of my heart” Janis Joplin ~it works

getting back together: “Send me on my way” Rusted Root ~not really a “together” song now is it?

wedding: “Rollin’ (Urban Assault Vehicle)” Limp Bizkit ~I love it. My bridal party walked in to “Big Pimpin”. We walked in to “Rock the Casbah”. First song was “Let’s get it started” – it fits. one of my favorites.

birth of child: “Goodbye my lover” James Blunt ~so so sad….

final battle: “Another Spin” Barenaked Ladies ~ok

funeral song: “Peace on Earth” U2 ~appropriate

end credits: “If You’re Gonna” Natasha Bedingfield ~meh

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