New Blogger (and Retail therapy)

Wow, so blogger has changed itself a bit. First IE gives me an update that totally changes the webpage (I miss the toolbar File, View, Edit, etc) but I’m getting used to it. Now, this. I think I like it so far. I find the font much more appealing.

Be good to yourself this holiday. I did (after being good to others via Yarn Harlot asked us to. By the way, I would totally wear a tee shirt that said “Be nice, I’m a knitter, we’re a big team” sort of thing.)
Support another good cause: Violet’s Pink Ribbon.
There’s a new sock club: Knitting Sunshine
Shopping with benefits (Sock yarn doesn’t count for the knit your stash!) Loopy Ewe.

**Edited to add – Must, must, must go to Crafty Alien (on etsy) and buy the patterns!!!! Or kits!!! Or notecards!!! So cute!!!!!
**I also bought a copy of “Knitting” magazine that had a mouse pattern – was thinking of making that for my mom. Now these. And over the summer I won a kit off ebay to knit a dachshund. Perhaps the beginning of 2007 will be about animals and socks.

*Edited: Crap – I just posted a bunch of knitted amigurumi links then hit something and now they’re gone. Reminder to self: Knitted Garden Gnomes (etsy), Panda Pirate (etsy), crochet me online magazing,


2 thoughts on “New Blogger (and Retail therapy)

  1. I hope you were able to get in Dani’s sock yarn club!!! I love her stuff. And sock yarn never counts as stash because we use it up faster :)And Sheri is the best enabler around.

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