Actually, it wasn’t blogger that ate my first attempt at this post. I was trying to get a photo to show support for the Jets and Chad:

And the game has been a big groan. Oh well. Not being a huge football fan, I’ll recover.

The original intention of the post was to discuss the weekend. Betsy was home (but now she’s gone back down south) and lucky for us, it was the weekend of a big sale at Hopyard Spinnery. We had been to her fall sale and each stuffed a bag. This time though, we split a bag which worked out great. Here’s Betsy full of delight at our finds:

Actually, the photo only gives you a limited view of what you have to poke through – that is maybe 20 – 25% of the bins – and they are full! We tried to have a system to work our way through the bins – and I’m sure we provided much entertainment to the other customers as we exclaimed “Ohh! this is a happy bin” and “I keep picking up this color – the rule is you have to get it when you pick it up more than once right?” When we sorted our goodies, we realized that we had opposite selections. Betsy had a ton of tame, mild stuff. Mine, was wild. I bought YELLOW! Unusual, but I made an effort to stay away from blues / purples, but a few jumped into the bag…

And, she had some new stuff – Bo Peep’s Sock Yarn!

After that we took a ride to Yarns Down Under – Betsy needed buttons and I had a gift certificate. When we walked in we met Ellyn Cooper – nice lady, nice yarns! There was a trunk show going on! I ended up getting a skein of her yarn with the intention of making the sand-dollar-spiral-scarf (I know that isn’t the name…) from Knitting Nature. I picked up some needles, Cables Untangled (beautiful!) and two patterns to go with the yarn that the hubby got me for Christmas:

I finished my “Sell your sole” socks using the Speed Demon yarn from Sweet Georgia – in less than a week, I have socks! That’s a new record for me! Photos later.


6 thoughts on “Groan.

  1. You must be from the NY side of CT? Because I am quite happy with the way that football game turned out! I’m in RI just over the border. :-)Wasn’t that yarn sale WONDERFUL? That was my first visit, and I was overwhelmed, but next time I will go with a plan, and hopefully with my sister, too. Splitting a bag sounds like a great idea…

  2. I miss you already. Can’t seem to get the camera working right, but going to see if I can get my paws on mom’s old camera, as she got a new one for christmas, we shall see. luv ya (the buttons went on BEAUTIFULLY!!!!!)

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