Science Nerd

In a break from the knitting stuff (which of late is small. I’m trying to get a guage swatch for the hourglass sweater using some yarn from hopyard; making Dan a pair of socks – I made him try on the monkey socks and told him I wanted to make him a pair – he’s gung-ho for them now! and i finished a scarf for him out of misti baby alpaca chunky – yummy!) today I’m indulging my inner science nerd. I’m coming around on my decision to get out of teaching and shift focus to science museums as a creative educational opportunity… or go back to entry level science lab jobs. Either way, I’ve seen some good stuff today ’round the web, thought I’d share:
**My graduate work utilized Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) to study particulate matter on tree leaves. Maybe I should have looked beer?
**The SEED: ScienceBlogs are great to have in bloglines – a taste of science each day. Like this gem, that Dan and I were just talking about – caffeine in food: Buzz Donuts
**Cafepress has some great items for science nerds and a cute penguin graphic that shows the penguin wearing a shirt that says I Love Pluto and holding a sign that says next they’ll be saying I’m not a bird… (um,here it is
**Love these bumperstickers (also found via the SEED:ScienceBlogs):

I miss the lab.

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