Bleh. Frustrating FO

First off, the Finished Object. I knit up the Malagaiter from I used Malabrigo and knit the larger size thinking everthing would be grand – and perfect for the upcoming winter that seems to have finally come to CT. Actually, it seems to have come everywhere BUT my town. Cities that don’t get snow / ice usually are walloped and we get rain. Yuck…praying for a snow day tomorrow, but a delay would be nice too. Anyway. I seamed it up and pulled it on my head. And pulled. And pulled. I couldn’t get the thing on my head! So, in times like these you find a suitable recipient. Given that it’s just me, Dan and the dog, guess who got it?

Jackson is a wonderful sport. It also can be worn Survivor Buff style

I’ve decided that since the stuff I’ve knit ends up on the dog anyway, I’ll try and knit him a sweater. Maybe it’ll fit me when I am done. I really like a few patterns I’ve seen in this japanese knitting book so now I’m on the hunt for online translations / charts / tips…

Today was a stinky day at work (it’s no fun to have middle schoolers yell at you and lie right to your face). So on my way home I treated myself to a Cinnamon Dolce Frappacino – ignore the nutritional information as that takes all the fun out of it. It was tasty.

Think snow. think snow. think snow.

Dachshund walk

Dachshund walk
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Winter finally started to show up and now everyone in southern New England is going to complain that it’s too cold! I tried to get Jackson outside for a walk – at least it was sunny today! But he was not having it – not even with his jacket on, he was ready to high-tail it home. I think I’ll put off sock knitting for a night to try and finish the malagaiter – I’m sure to need it by the weekend!

Sheep Shirt

My geeky side (which is both sides mind you) loves this:
f(x)=sheep(x) m - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Sure, it seems like calculating sheep in order to reach the funtion of sleep, but as a knitter, it must have something to do with knitting and yarn, yes?

I have ordered a couple of shirts from threadless in the past – love them.

Monkey WIPs (and a rant)

I’ve been working on my next pair of socks, Monkey ( Inspired by another blogger (whose name escapes me right now) I knit both legs first on this one. Now that I’m working on turning the heel, it seems like they’ll be done in no time!

If you’re feeling a hankering for a scary movie, given that New England is nothing but grey lately (though maybe there might be a glimpse of snow tomorrow morning??) we watched 2 really creepy movies this weekend. Stay Alive which while creepy was better than expected. And, scariest movie I have ever seen, The Descent. I am mildly claustrophobic, but this sealed the deal on me ever going spelunking (not going to happen).

I had today off from school, so I went out and did a little shopping. Target was fun, but offered less than I was hoping for. At Kohl’s I found plenty on sale (yay) but when I got up to the register, the cashier did not offer a greeting, had me empty out my bag of items (“You take those out of there” seriously. she said that!) and kept complaining about how hot she was – I was buying a sweater, and she kept saying “I doubt you’ll get a chance to wear this”…. Grr. Then I went to CVS to make some reprints of old photos. I couldn’t make a picture of a photo of my brother and I (circa 1985? 1986?) because it was some dumb Sears studio print. I understand the need and purpose of copyright, but, there are no more of these photos! And even if my mom could remember where / when the shot was taken, the chances that the photographer is still there is slim to none. I think there should be some exception on these sorts of photos. gah. /rant

1000 Cranes

I learned how to do origami in the 5th grade. I have dabbled in it for as long as I can remember. There is something soothing about making those creases / folds in the paper and ending up with something so delicate…I remember reading about Sadako and the 1000 Paper Cranes… I make them for the kids out of starburst or trident wrappers… I’m actually helping out at the church of several of my students for them to earn a “Honors” in origami… I found the following through, how can I pass up a knitted crane?.
(quoted from nipperknits)
“So, here’s the plan. Have you heard of the senbazuru? This is a group of 1,000 paper cranes. There’s a legend that completing a senbazuru in a year or less is a prayer for long life and health. Also, in Hiroshima, it is a prayer for peace because of Sadako Sasaki. I’ve been inspired by my friend Ryan doing his last year and by the knit not war [link updated] knitted cranes effort. I want to use this year to fold my own senbazuru as a meditative effort. I think if I can meditate on what it is I want while folding these cranes, it will give me the mental focus I need to make a difference in myself. Everyday as I fold cranes I will think on what I want my life to be like. As I fold cranes I will focus on specific changes I want to make and things I need to do to make a difference in my life. I’m changing my behavior, for the good to be sure, but any behavioral changes are incredibly difficult. I know I’m going to need help, that’s why I’m thinking the senbazuru is the way to go.”
Brilliant. I’m going to knit up one to see, but I would really like to pledge ten.

Yay for Socks!

These socks I’ve decided I want to enter as my “Blue Monday” socks in the January “theme” for Socktopia – I flew through knitting these socks – amazingly! I was so stoked to be done, but I made one too short for my foot! This is the second time I have done this! Gotta learn to actually measure / try it on!! Anyway, in a great show of how my knitting confidence has grown – I unknit my mistake:

And fixed them with success! Dachshund approved.

I used the “Sell your sole” pattern and Speed Demon Yarn by Sweet Georgie (Berry Colorway).
However, I find that the heel bothers me some – not alot, but enough to know that I think I’ll use a different heel next time. It kinda puckers, as Jackson points out:

I want to call these “Blue Monday” even though they are mostly reds / pinks / purples – that’s like the fun of the weekend, and the subtle blue striping (and a little pooling) is the nagging feeling that you will have to return to work.

I don’t really “get”, but I am fascinated with it – today I found one of my friends from elementary school!


Actually, it wasn’t blogger that ate my first attempt at this post. I was trying to get a photo to show support for the Jets and Chad:

And the game has been a big groan. Oh well. Not being a huge football fan, I’ll recover.

The original intention of the post was to discuss the weekend. Betsy was home (but now she’s gone back down south) and lucky for us, it was the weekend of a big sale at Hopyard Spinnery. We had been to her fall sale and each stuffed a bag. This time though, we split a bag which worked out great. Here’s Betsy full of delight at our finds:

Actually, the photo only gives you a limited view of what you have to poke through – that is maybe 20 – 25% of the bins – and they are full! We tried to have a system to work our way through the bins – and I’m sure we provided much entertainment to the other customers as we exclaimed “Ohh! this is a happy bin” and “I keep picking up this color – the rule is you have to get it when you pick it up more than once right?” When we sorted our goodies, we realized that we had opposite selections. Betsy had a ton of tame, mild stuff. Mine, was wild. I bought YELLOW! Unusual, but I made an effort to stay away from blues / purples, but a few jumped into the bag…

And, she had some new stuff – Bo Peep’s Sock Yarn!

After that we took a ride to Yarns Down Under – Betsy needed buttons and I had a gift certificate. When we walked in we met Ellyn Cooper – nice lady, nice yarns! There was a trunk show going on! I ended up getting a skein of her yarn with the intention of making the sand-dollar-spiral-scarf (I know that isn’t the name…) from Knitting Nature. I picked up some needles, Cables Untangled (beautiful!) and two patterns to go with the yarn that the hubby got me for Christmas:

I finished my “Sell your sole” socks using the Speed Demon yarn from Sweet Georgia – in less than a week, I have socks! That’s a new record for me! Photos later.