FO! Hat attempt

I had been working on a Fake Isle Hat from magknits. I used some Lamb’s Pride and yarn that I received in a swap from colorfullife (on etsy) – love love love the yarn! So I knit:

and it fits – quite exciting, Jackson was sad to learn I would model this one, not him! However, there is an issue:

It’s a nipple at the top! Groan. I’ll deal for now and just wear it inside I guess.

I got a really cute swap package today from the Sanrio swap on swap-bot:

There’s gum and stickers and pencils and little notebooks – perfect for keeping in the knitting bag! I love all things sanrio and san-x and Kawaii.
Currently my favorite is tenorikuma – cute baristas! Look at all this stuff! and has a cute travel mug – “Hello! I’m Latte!”

New York New York

Last night we went into New York to visit a brother, his girlfriend and the other brother. We ate at Otto – and oh, wow – was it delish!! Cheese plates are brilliant. And a cheese with honey? And another with cherries? Inspiring!

I finished one Peekaboo mitten on the train there / back.

I’m pooped right now as we didn’t get back until 2:30 and Jackson woke us up around 7:30. Today will be a day of lounging around, though I do have to work on school related stuff (yuck).

America’s Sweethearts is on right now – great movie! (“Kiki!!”) I love John Cusack

FO! but defeated. (Project Spectrum woes)

I finished the Santa Cruz and I just love this photo detail of the stitch pattern on the top:

I used Wool of the Andes in the Rain colorway. I like the pattern, but the hat it does not fit. Well, it doesn’t fit me. Of course it fits Jackson:

A few people at work just had girl babies – maybe they would like it.

I’m headed to Mohegan Sun tonight with some gals from work. I was going to swing by Saybrook Yarn to get the needles that I need, but I was asked to carpool, so that got kaboshed. I tried to go to Yarns, Yarns, Yarns after picking Jackson up from the groomer (that’s why he has on a heart bandana) but they were closed too – unexpectedly due to a family death. I’m just not meant to get the needles. Maybe tomorrow. I really should get on my grading / report card stuff.


Since I don’t have the shorter needle that I need to continue on with the Hourglass Sweater (I’ll get it today), I cast on last night for Santa Cruz from magknits. I’m using knitpicks Wool of the Andes in “Rain”, so it works for project spectrum.

I found out that my cousin Jaimie is engaged! I am very happy for him, and am excited to meet his fiance (she wasn’t able to come to the family Christmas Eve event). Now I’m obsessed with the idea of making an afghan / blanket for them. Cables are a must, irish inspired also. I’m thinking white / cream colors (as I know nothing about their home) or maybe grey with an accent color… Ideas I have already bookmarked:
St.Patrick’s Day Afghan (maybe good for others in my family? One square for a pillow??)
I really like this Celtic Knot Afghan – it looks like hearts!
Aran pattern stitch info
Although I also really like this: Wooly Thoughts Tilting at windmills
And I think I like this: Lion Brand patchwork sampler
It would be great to somehow work in “the clan” patterns: Donnelly….

When I went out shopping with mom yesterday I picked up this Mets winter hat – Jackson is the best model ever, when properly motivated…

More Planning Ahead

Ok, so I decided today to go through the copies of Interweave Knits that I have and make a list of what I would like to knit from each issue. The list has been written down, but I want to use this space as a sort of research tool for me to keep track of alternative yarns to use / inspiration from others who have already done the projects.

Making this list I realized that I keep gravitating towards patterns by Veronik Avery – classic looks, not too fussy!

Summer 2003: Shimmer Aran, Merino Lace Socks
Winter 2003: Dolman Updated (in Noro)
Spring 2004: Waving Lace Socks
Summer 2004: Victoria Tank
Fall 2004: Syncopated Ribs (I actually have this yarn!), Pooling Colors Scarf
Summer 2005: Sleek Ribs Tank, Go with the Flow Socks
Fall 2005: Veste Everest (I like the colors of elann’s peruvian highland wool!), Rib & Cable Socks
Winter 2005: Fickle Fingers Scarf(also consider this), Embossed Leaves Socks
Spring 2006 Waterlilly Top, Trellis Scarf, Aran Rose, Simply Lovely Lace Socks, Rib & Cable Mitt, Wobbly Circles Tote (I have yarn for this), Pullover Flair
Summer 2006 Marigold Tote, Penobscot Silk Scarf (maybe), Little Arrowhead Shawl (maybe)
Fall 2006: Gatsby Girl Pullover, Supernova Pullover, Target Wave Mittens
Winter 2006: Arctic Diamonds Stole, Cardigan for Arwen
Spring 2007: Dollar and a Half Cardigan, Keyhole Top, Roza’s Socks