Part of my rant yesterday was about graffiti outside my classroom, here’s a photo:

Next to it today I see that it has been added to – it also says “Yep she ugly”


Mr.Clean Magic Eraser took it right off. Kids are mean.

The snow is supposed to be coming…

9 thoughts on “Graffiti

  1. Isn’t it crazy how snot-nosed kids can just dig at you? Ughh! Kids are mean sometimes but remember those sweet kids too. I know they must exist! Who else created magic eraser!

  2. Well, the nice kids don’t put up graffiti. Sadly, I just had to deal with this at work, with a bunch of twentysomethings who brought their out of work issues to the bathroom stall walls. So I wish I could say that it ends eventually, but for some people, that’s the only way anyone will pay attention to what they say. . . for good reason!

  3. they’re just mad because you make them work. they’ll thank you later, trust me. liam can’t stand his science teacher right now, mostly because she pushes him to finish his assignments (he’s got other issues going as well, but not finishing his homework is a huge one at this point). i know it hurts, but ignore them.

  4. My mom would always respond to her students “How kind of you to notice.” She figured it kept them on their toes by not responding in a hurt manner. Though at home, she definitely ranted good about how obnoxious they were.

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