FO! Hat attempt

I had been working on a Fake Isle Hat from magknits. I used some Lamb’s Pride and yarn that I received in a swap from colorfullife (on etsy) – love love love the yarn! So I knit:

and it fits – quite exciting, Jackson was sad to learn I would model this one, not him! However, there is an issue:

It’s a nipple at the top! Groan. I’ll deal for now and just wear it inside I guess.

I got a really cute swap package today from the Sanrio swap on swap-bot:

There’s gum and stickers and pencils and little notebooks – perfect for keeping in the knitting bag! I love all things sanrio and san-x and Kawaii.
Currently my favorite is tenorikuma – cute baristas! Look at all this stuff! and has a cute travel mug – “Hello! I’m Latte!”


4 thoughts on “FO! Hat attempt

  1. I started the hat last night, it knits up really quick, I got partially through the frs pattern. It isn’t as scary as it seems to be switchnig colors. A smarter person would have probably split her skeins so that she wasn’t using full skeins, but alass, I think it will still come out pretty good.

  2. Hi… found you through Sock Madness (can’t wait!). I had a “nipple” on my Fake Isle hat too – I think the chart just isn’t written right. I ripped out the tip and did more decreases in the last few rows (basically just eliminate some of the plain-knit rows in between the last few decrease rows), and it’s better now… wish I’d written down exactly what I

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