Saturday Sky & Other

I’ve never done a “Saturday Sky” before, but I liked how this picture came out:

I’m on vacation! Yay!

My projects are a little bit in a stuck place – I did finish Sock #1 of the socks for Dan:

I need a shorter needle for the sleeves on the hourglass sweater.

I signed up for SockMadness, I may be crazy.

We watched Open Season last night – it was really funny! Of course, we are partial to anything with dachshunds…

Doesn’t that look like the sweater I made him??

Stay Warm & Toasty!

Knitted Toys

My hubby is the best. I repeat, the best!

The other day he was doing some online retail therapy – he got a video game. I passed as I have next week off and figured I would do some retail therapy then. Today his box from amazon arrived and he announced that he had a present for me! (sweet – it was a crappy day)
Knitted Toys (Zoe Mellor) – this book is soooo cute!!

Delayed opening

After yesterday’s “First Serious Winter Storm” aka “The Valentine’s Nor’easter” a ton of schools had a delay this morning. My school gets children from two school districts and in the case of delays, you follow the shorter one. So, while one district had a 90minute delay, the other had nothing. I drive in to school for the usual time and no one is there! strange. So I call home and Dan looks on the list again and lo and behold, my school is now on the delay list (90 minutes). So I’ve got a little bit of time to kill.

I went to starbucks. I’ve got my first Caramel Macchiato.

I don’t have any knitting with me. How annoying. :^(

Thought about going to Joann fabrics, but they don’t open until 9. s’okay though – i’ll go next week – I do have a $20 card to use there…

FO! Scarf #3 and other projects

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day – smooches all around from Jackson:

Second, thanks for the comments about the graffiti – in short it’s annoying and kids are mean (which apparently will continue on into their adult years). Today is a snow day – it’s been sleeting but there is snow accumulating. Yay! The pup is not such a fan of the snow and sleet, even though he’s got a jacket:

That gave me the chance to finish “My So-Called Scarf” which is for me! I had bought 2 skeins of malabrigo in “Little Lovely”, but decided to stop at the end of the first skein – the scarf is about 53″ long. I started around Jan.24 (I think) and worked on / off. Fairly quick knit! Jackson approves, naturally!

and proof that I do wear my knitted things:

For Project Spectrum, I’ve made some progress on the Hourglass Sweater:

I had gauge issues with the Hopyard Summer Spun (blue) and didn’t feel like doing another swatch so I jumped in with the Rowanspun DK (grey / blue)…I think it’s going ok:

and I’m still working on Dan’s socks:

I think I may have found a potential Christmas Project… keeping it a secret as I’m still undecided – but it I start now….


Part of my rant yesterday was about graffiti outside my classroom, here’s a photo:

Next to it today I see that it has been added to – it also says “Yep she ugly”


Mr.Clean Magic Eraser took it right off. Kids are mean.

The snow is supposed to be coming…

This is my life

Want to know what love is? Love is something like this:
Supposedly there is a big storm heading to New England (finally!). Yesterday, Dan asked if I had scapers in my car for the windshields – I told him that yes, I do – it stays in my car all year. Later on in the afternoon, Dan tells me that he got the scraper in my car for me. I was confused as I already have one. He says he pulled it out for easy access (I tend to toss things in my car, the backseat is a mess). Ok, thanks that’s nice. This morning I go to my car and start to put my school stuff in the back seat when I see not my usual ice scraper, but three scrapers – two different sizes and something called an “ice bulldozer”?! So, in case the storm does come and dump ice or snow on us, I’m prepared 🙂

Today at school I walk in and learn that we are now trying Parliamentary Procedures with my homeroom. It went over like a lead brick. Oh and I now have to keep track of their individual point plans…(my desk is still a mess)…and I found grafitti on the wall outside my classroom that says I “suck butt”…and supposedly next week the lab will be renovated….and I provided book covers for the students and was told that they might be too small for the books (um, the principal is helping the kids cover their books in math class, he of all people should know to just fold them differently!)..

…dreaming of snow…and vacation